Hypergiant Industries

Hypergiant Industries

Hypergiant Industries is a machine learning and artificial intelligence company offering client-focused services and research and development in various fields. The company was founded by Ben Lamm and John Fremont in 2018.

Hypergiant is an emerging technology company focused on solving the world's biggest problems in the areas of space, defense, and critical infrastructure. Hypergiant Industries offers a suite of artificial intelligence services, software, and hardware that support companies and governments in preparing for the future.



The Galactic division of Hypergiant Industries is working to develop a satellite supply chain with full-stack of space services. They are working on developing satellite designs and actionable insights into operating satellites and developing a satellite supply chain. The Galactic division also works to identify, invest in, and acquire technologies that can be integrated and enhanced by machine intelligence. Customers of their Galactic division include NASA, Northrop Grumman, DARPA, U.S. Air Force, Spaceflight, and Ubiquitilink.

Space Age Solutions

The Space Age Solutions Division of Hypergiant works to solve business problems with machine learning and intelligent software. Clients of their Space Age Solutions have included TGI Fridays, HarperCollins, Bosch, Apple, Chesapeake Energy, Boeing, GE Power, Starbucks, and Twitter.

Sensor Sciences

The Sensor Sciences Division of Hypergiant works to use collaborative intelligence between human senses and machine sensors to increase people's sensor capabilities and perceptions. This includes collaborative intelligence between humans and machines to enhance users abilities to see, sense and be alerted in monitored environments.

Hypergiant Ventures

Hypergiant Ventures is the venture capital and investment division of Hypergiant Industries. Some investments have included Clearblade, Pilosa, Cerebri, and Nautilus.

List of Services

Computer Vision

Through computer vision, Hypergiant works to help clients use machine learning to create models that classify objects, apply pixelwise segmentation, identify actions and extract content.

Human Robot Interaction

Through their human robot interaction, Hypergiant works to help clients conduct user interaction research, develop robotic programming for assistive needs, and increase office-oriented task automation.

Natural Language

Through their natural language service, Hypergiant offers natural language processing, natural language understanding, and natural language generation for their clients and to help their clients develop conversation state machines.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Hypergiant offers clients services related to decentralized autonomous organizations, including smart contracts, distributed applications, and distributed web research.


September 23, 2020

Hypergiant Industries hired Mohammed Farooq as its new CTO and GM Products.

June 30, 2020

The United States Air Force taps Hypergiant for the development of reconfigurable low earth orbit satellites.

May 21, 2020

Hypergiant Industries announces the H.I.V.E. (Hyper Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement) fleet operations platform for commercial, defense, and government customers

February 6, 2020

Austin's Hypergiant Industries aims to build space supply chain

September 17, 2019

Hypergiant develops a prototype of an algae bioreactor for personal carbon sequestration.

August 13, 2019

Booz Allen partners with AI specialist Hypergiant Industries

December 18, 2018

Hypergiant acquires Seattle startup Black Pixel.

Funding rounds

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Hypergiant Industries Seed round, February 2018
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Andrew Busy


Ben Lamm

Co-Founder and CEO

Brian Beard

Chief Global Strategy and Legal Officer

C.K. Sample, III

Chief Technology Officer

Caroline de Laat

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Dick

Vice President of Design, Special Projects

Chris Klee

Executive Vice President of Design

Gary Gattis

CEO, Galactic Systems

John Fremont

Co-Founder and Partner

John Todor

Vice President of Operations

Kristina Libby

Chief Science Officer

Marc Boudria

Vice President of Science and Technology

Michael Roberts

Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sarah Grant

Chief of Staff

Shawn Ullman

Vice President of Culture and Hype

Steve Fish

Head of People

Will Griffin

Chief Ethics Officer

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Algae absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With help from AI, a new bioreactor could draw out more greenhouse gas than trees.
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June 25, 2019
Hypergiant, a startup launched last year to address the execution gap in bringing applied AI and machine learning technologies to bear for large companies, has signed on a high-profile new advisor to help out with the new 'Galactic Systems' division of its services lineup. Hypergiant founder CEO Ben Lamm also serves as an Advisory Council [...]


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