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Holy Grail (company)

Holy Grail (company)

Holy Grail is focused on the development of autonomous research systems dedicated to material science and chemistry with the goal of replacing the use of fossil fuels with electro-chemical battery solutions.

Holy Grail is developing full-stack autonomous research systems to find optimal solutions for impactful material science and chemistry challenges. The purpose of their work is to end the burning of fossil fuels. The company aims to solve problems that have caused bottlenecks in the development of electro-chemical batteries in order to achieve full electrification of electric cars, marine freight, grid and flight.

Holy Grail will bring together deep learning, statistics and robotics to move solutions from chemistry to device at a faster rate. Areas they cover include energy storage and catalysis. Holy Grail claims to be creating the biggest and most precise materials dataset in the world. Simulations and predictions are cross validated with automated experimental data that have zero variability. The goal is to improve understanding of materials from crystal structure to multi component devices.

Holy Grail’s system is claimed to provide automated unbiased decision making for design of experiments and exploration of possibilities. Their experiments and device level testing will have zero human input.


June 23, 2021
Holy Grail raises a $2,700,000 seed round from Deep Science Ventures, Goat Capital, Lowercarbon Capital, Starlight Ventures and Y Combinator.

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