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Hologram (company)

Hologram (company)

Hologram is a company with a platform for building Internet of Things type products

Hologram is a company that looks to provide a toolkit to help creators and engineers connect their devices with wireless data and manage billings. The company was founded by Benjamin Forgan in 2013, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Hologram's cellular connectivity platform is designed to connect devices, capture data, and manage fleets through a cloud-friendly platform that can connect any device to the internet and route incoming and outgoing messages.


The platform that Hologram provides allows for instant connectivity and scalability to help its users build businesses or projects across devices. Hologram SIMs are able to automatically switch networks to provide coverage across more than 470 carriers, in over 200 countries. The SIM cards offered by the company are hardware-agnostic and work with any cellular IoT device.

Cellular IoT

Hologram's platform operates on a cellular IoT platform using the company's SIM card, which can connect devices using 2G to 4G LTE and newer CAT-M and eSIM technologies. The company offers coverage in 200 countries with more than 470 carriers they rely on. And the SIM cards issued by the company are eUICC-capable and can be remotely updated and available in both triple-cut card and MFF2 embedded form factors.

Through this network, when using an IoT system in a carrier dark zone, the company will switch carriers in order to ensure devices do not lose connectivity. To continue this feature, the company has worked to develop partnerships with carriers in order to provide a single, global IoT connectivity platform that allows companies to scale their IoT platform as they grow.


Hologram offers an IoT dashboard to allow users to have visibility into real-time fleet health, data limits, and device usage. This includes alerts about devices and their status, so organizations can react as necessary and track the health of the overall fleet of devices. The dashboard also gives users a place to track the amount of data they have used and any limits on the data, along with usage alerts.

The dashboard can offer email notifications, alerts for moving SIMs between devices, and usage threshold alerting, automatic alerting and monitoring, different integrations, and device history information.

Industry use cases

Use Case


Hologram's platform allows users to connect agricultural systems, including remote field sensors for streaming data for monitoring crop health and climate and soil health, and for the farming equipment to monitor equipment health and offer preventative maintenance.

Autonomous and Robotics

Hologram's platform can help power self-driving vehicles, autonomous robots, and drones with carrier redundancy to ensure no data is lost as these systems travel.

Fleet Management

Hologram's platform offers fleet management services with the company's multi-carrier coverage, allowing users to avoid dead zones and data loss across countries.


Hologram's IoT platform can connect end-user devices with Healthcare providers to allow for private cellular data transmit and offer remote patient monitoring.


Hologram's IoT platform offers a chance to connect industrial equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and more, to provide predictive maintenance and machine monitoring.

Customer case studies

Case study

Bossa Nova uses Hologram to keep shelves stocked and accurate inventory with robots.

Bossa Nova's AI-powered robots use large amounts of data that, when WiFi drops, can leave robots stranded in a store aisle. Bossa Nova partnered with Hologram to offer connection to cellular networks worldwide.

CloudWalk uses Hologram to increase point of sale device connectivity

CloudWalk partnered with Hologram to allow CloudWalk's point of sale devices able to connect to multiple cellular carriers across Brazil and offer out-of-box reliability for merchants.

Fasal and Hologram give rural farmers a 20% per acre raise

Through a partnership with Hologram, Fasal's devices are connected to over 470 or more cellular networks worldwide, with a single SIM, reducing overall complexity and bring connectivity to farmers.

Offering Zen Ecosystems customer reliable connectivity

Hologram allowed Zen Ecosystems smart thermostats and lighting systems to have constant connection globally and with a single SIM type and across most major carriers, with a central management for all devices.


August 10, 2021
Hologram raises a $65,000,000 series B round from Bullpen Capital, Mucker Capital, NextView Ventures and Tiger Global Management.
September 17, 2020
Hologram grows from increased demand for micromobility, contact tracing, and social distancing during Covid-19 pandemic.
September 29, 2017
Hologram raises a $9,400,000 series A round from Bullpen Capital, Clark Landry, Drive Capital, Service Provider Capital and TechNexus Venture Collaborative.
July 25, 2017
Hologram announces the world's largest LTE software-defined cellular network for IoT
May 2016
Hologram raises a $4,800,000 venture round from Bullpen Capital and Drive Capital.
February 2015
Hologram raises a $1,300,000 seed round from Beta Bridge Capital, Christopher Muhr, Maiden Lane, Marc Bell Ventures, Mucker Capital, NextView Ventures, Nick Ducoff and Tyler Willis.

Funding Rounds


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August 10, 2021
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