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J.R. Moran

J.R. Moran

J.R. Moran is an American angel investor, co-founder of Moran Capital Partners, and COO of New Stack Ventures.

J.R. Moran is a Chicago-based angel investor, attorney, founder of J.R.M. Law, LLC and Moran Capital Partners, and the COO of New Stack Ventures. Moran's expertise is in the venture capital and startup space, including venture capital fund formation, venture capital financing, startup formation, and corporate matters.

J.R. Moran earned a Bachelor's degree from Boston College in 2001 and a J.D. from the Boston College School of Law in 2004. From 2003 to 2018, Moran worked as a patent litigation attorney and Partner at the law firm Vanek, Vickers & Masini PC. Moran co-founded the venture capital firm Moran Capital Partners in 2012. In 2019, Moran founded a private law practice, J.R.M. Law, LLC, which specializes in services and expertise for every stage of a startup's growth from initial startup formation and financing to subsequent financing rounds, strategic agreements, and exits, as well as counsel for venture capital funds in connection with funding, governance, and investment activities. In 2019, Moran joined New Stack Ventures, a Chicago-based early seed-stage venture capital firm specializing in IoT, deep tech, smart hardware, under-capitalized markets, pre-Revenue, pilots, and early commercialization, as COO.

J.R. Moran has invested in Cybrary, Jiobit, Regroup Therapy, Scope AR, Tovala, Clora, Draftbit, Earlybird, Hologram, Inc., Nano Gas Technologies, New Stack Ventures, PrintWithMe, United Endurance, XILO, Phood, Shotcall, neu, Retail Aware, Gather Voices (Video Software Solutions), Flamingo, Curv Health, TripScout, AdaViv,, Valt, Aspinity, Inc., Groundhog, Winston Privacy, and Fairmarkit.


J.R. Moran joins New Stack Ventures as Chief Operating Officer.
J.R. Moran founds J.R.M. Law, LLC.
J.R. Moran co-founds Moran Capital Partners.
J.R. Moran earns J.D. from Boston College School of Law.
J.R. Moran earns Bachelor's degree from Boston College.

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