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GuiaBolso is a personal finance platform automatically aggregating people's financial information who also offer credit and investment products.

Founded in 2012 by Thiago Alvarez and Benjamin Gleason, GuiaBolso launched GuiaBayment, a mobile app through which Brazilians could manage their finances.

The app work by automatically aggregating the users financial information so the user can better understand their finances and track their budget. They also launched a credit marketplace through their app with real-time loan approvals. Through GuiaBolso's intimate understanding of a users finances, they offer suggestions on the best loans.

To compliment the loan marketplace, GuiaBolso offered customers free credit bureau reports. And, in 2018, started offering loans themselves with lower rates than traditional banks.


In July of 2013, GuiaBolso announced they raised an undisclosed amount of early stage investment. The investment came from e.bricks Early Stage, the RBS Group, Valor Capital, Florian Otto, Daniel Martins and Carlos Curioni.

Series A

GuiaBolso raised an undisclosed amount of funding in March of 2014. Investors included e.bricks Ventures, Valor Capital Group and Kaszek Ventures.

Series B

In August of 2015, GuiaBolso raised $7 milllion. Ribbit Capital led the round, which included participation from Omidyar Network, QED Investors, Ed Baker, Mark Goines, Peter Kellner, Kaszek Ventures, e.bricks Ventures and Valor Capital.

Series C

GuiaBolso raised R$60 million in May of 2016. The investment round was led by International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Ribbit Capital. Kaszek Ventures and QED Ventures participated in the round.

Series D

In October, 2017, GuiaBolso raised $39 million in funding. Vostok Emerging Finance led the round with participation from Ribbit Capital, the International Finance Corporation, QED Investors, Endeavor Catalyst and Omidya Network. GuiaBolso committed the funding to expand to their existing loan offerings, including investment products and credit cards.


October 2017
GuiaBolso raises a $39,000,000 series D round from Endeavor Catalyst, International Finance Corporation, Omidyar Network, QED Investors, Ribbit Capital and Vostok Emerging Finance.
May 11, 2016
GuiaBolso raises a $17,000,000 series C round from International Finance Corporation, Kaszek Ventures, QED Investors and Ribbit Capital.
GuiaBolso was founded by Benjamin Gleason and Thiago Alvarez.

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