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Green D Ventures

Green D Ventures

Green D Ventures is a Bedford, New Hampshire-based venture capital company.

Green D Ventures is a venture capital team focused on serving alumni of Dartmouth College.

Founded in 2014, Green D Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Bedford, New Hampshire. The firm seeks to make minority seed, early-stage, and later-stage investments. The firm prefers to invest in consumer durables, healthcare services, computer hardware, software, food technology, health technology, and Software-as-a-Service sectors in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Americas.

Green D Ventures is a community of Dartmouth alumnis: investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and innovation enthusiasts, with a connection to Dartmouth College. At their core, they are a Dartmouth alumni venture fund investing in Dartmouth alum-led companies. They are private, for profit, and not part of Dartmouth. Green D Ventures believes that they can do more together than they can alone.


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