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Marketplace for digital tokens that can be created and traded.

Developed on the Fyooz platform, CarCoin by WCC (CARS) will be the new standard in the social token and NFT space for anything related to the popular and ever-expanding arena of next level car collectibles. Fyooz is pleased to announce this project in partnership with such an iconic brand. Check out the newly created CarCoin Website

The Fyooz community benefits exclusively from CARS airdops. You better be fast. A first airdrop will take place soon in the Fyooz Circle “The Jury”.

Fyooz (FYZ) - tokenization platform

Fyooz (FYZ) is a marketplace powered by blockchain. It was created to democratize investment participation. Fyooz is a marketplace for celebrities, brands, destinations, events and causes to generate attention, create direct financial connections and easily share access, preference and engagement with loyal followers. Fyooz allows humanity to invest in aspects of life that they are emotionally connected to. Loyal followers can participate in the success of what they are passionate about and receive economic, other benefits and functionality.

On Fyooz Star Tokens are bought, held and sold. Each Star Token has its own token card, which shows the price and functionality. There is a built-in crypto wallet for storing Fyooz coins (FYZ), which is the official currency of Fyooz. FYZ is issued by Urknall Inc.

The Fyooz marketplace allows fans, followers, supporters and investors to participate financially in the emotional value of the attention economy. Celebrities, brands, trends, events, causes - symbols of humanity - can bring their fans, followers and supporters together to become closer and connected to each other, generating more attention. Icons can be individuals, organizations, or brands from the worlds of art, sports, politics, entertainment—any aspect of the attention economy, really.

Fyooz works by allowing icons to tokenize themselves and then allowing users in the marketplace to invest in whatever they believe in and are passionate about. Fuse redefines how humanity creates wealth because Fuse allows people to invest in and participate in the appreciation of the value of what they most admire.

New Item: Attention

With the Internet came a new asset: Attention. Due to the vast amount of information available, attention is a scarce and valuable commodity.

Attention is a valuable resource, it is limited in a person. Like never before, we live in an attention-driven world. Information flows to people, and the biggest challenge is filtering out what information to pay attention to. While the number of minutes per day stays the same, the number of hours people spend online is increasing.

Social networks have been a place where humanity focuses its attention for more than a decade. Influencers of all types garner millions of followers, but the environment does not provide for any exchange of value.

Fyooz turns attention into an asset that can be monetized. With the ability to tokenize Blockchain, Fyooz implements idealistic or symbolic assets to become economic commodities with measurable monetary value that can be bought, sold and traded.

Thanks to tokenization, the attention people give to their icons can now be monetized. Celebrities, brands, destinations, events and causes can build a direct financial connection with loyal followers and easily provide different forms of access, preference and participation.

Anyone and anything can become a Fyooz Star Token

Anyone and anything can be converted into a token that can be bought and sold on the Fyooz marketplace. Tokens can represent social movements, brands, influencers, trends, events, and celebrities from the entertainment and sports industries. Tokens can also be associated with a project: think of a cause people care about or an artist they admire. Think of a small business in your area that you want to support, or a scientific idea that you think is worth pursuing.

The person or entity that creates the token is called the token issuer. Consideration needs to be given to how many tokens should be issued, the initial price of each token to the purchaser, what types of access and privileges will be granted to those who own the token, and how the token can strengthen the bond between the issuer. and token holder. Fyooz has built a global network of agents who are experts in helping issuers identify successful tokens.

Buy tokens

Once the token has been created and issued, any user on the Fyooz marketplace can purchase the token using the Fyooz app. With the Fyooz payment widget called "Tokomat" - an easy-to-use software component that can be integrated into various websites - tokens can also be purchased outside of the Fyooz app. Available as a social media stream, people can buy tokens everywhere on the internet.

All issued tokens can be found in the Application. Users can choose any token for investment. In the application, users can see the value of each of the tokens they have. They can also see any activity associated with a particular token. For example, a user may have multiple tokens issued by their favorite music group. As part of special access and privileges for token holders, the group may offer streaming events or raffle an instrument or costume for token holders. They can also poll token holders to choose cover art for their next album. There is no limit and we believe that issuers will come up with literally thousands of ways to interact with the fans who hold their tokens.

Trading tokens

The main token exchange center is the Fyooz app, a blockchain-enabled mobile app with a built-in wallet. All tokens available on the marketplace are listed in the app with an overview of the tokens, ratings and ratings, and other information related to each token. If users want to sell and exchange their tokens, they do so by selling tokens for FYZ coins. On the Fyooz trading floor, the trading pair is always Star Token vs. FYZ.


The marketplace is open 24/7/365, where trading tokens is easy and fun. The app offers easy access to token prices with a simple buy and sell feature. Each selection can be made with one hand, allowing you to use the application quickly and in different situations: on the road, while waiting in line or checking trends.

On the Fyooz platform itself, the user does not need to manage passwords and private keys. For the first time in history, cryptocurrency holders can open a short text wallet. Private keys can be restored at any time, loss is impossible. All keys are stored in encrypted form. Operations are not paid by the user, we will take care of it.



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