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Full Circle Biochar

Full Circle Biochar

Full Circle Biochar is a developer of products and technologies based on bio-charcoal for the agricultural markets.

Full Circle Biochar is a leading clean-tech company that makes carbon dioxide drawdown into a high-value industry. Full Circle Biochar develops best-in-class commercial biochar products. The company's patent-pending BioCore™ and BioCharge™ technologies tailor the needs of large-scale agricultural markets. The company focuses on waste management, climate change, food security, energy security, and water security.


Full Circle Biochar focuses on creating and using biochar, a stable, carbon-rich product of the thermal decomposition of biomass heated in a low-oxygen environment. Full Circle makes biochar from what may otherwise be considered waste – for example, wood leftover from logging operations or livestock manure. If that biomass is left to decompose, it would release CO2 back into the atmosphere. When it’s turned into biochar, the carbon is locked inside. Biochar proves beneficial across a wide range of applications, including agriculture and horticulture, soil restoration, and water management.

Biochar development

Full Circle Biochar draws down lots of CO2 from the atmosphere, where not all biochar is created equal. This leads the company to take a unique “platform” approach to biochar development and deployment customizing for specific feedstocks. The company's platforms utilize proprietary pyrolysis and post-pyrolysis strategies that deliver standardized and stabilized biochar products, proven energy outputs, and carbon credit protocols.

Full Circle Biochar’s platform strategy effectively mitigates technical, financial, and operational risk. Full Circle Biochar produces biochar at scale with proven agricultural benefits and documented carbon storage, and drawdown impacts that close the carbon cycle. The company works with nature to draw down carbon. They harness abundant carbon stocks and scarce nutrient resources to deliver proven biochar products with both agricultural and environmental benefits. Full Circle develops a system for producing proprietary biochar products that are scalable and profitable in major agricultural markets around the globe.

Virgin Pioneer to carbon drawdown

Sir Richard Branson launches the Virgin Earth Challenge, a $25 million initiative for the successful commercialization of ways of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and keeping them out with no countervailing impacts, in February 2007. Full Circle Biochar is the Virgin Earth Challenge finalist, as a Virgin Pioneer for an innovative approach to carbon drawdown. The company is one of 11 Virgin Pioneers, all with the potential to have a long-term impact on the number of anthropogenic greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Virgin recognizes and supports Full Circle Biochar’s efforts to scale up its efforts to harness existing carbon stocks to deliver proven biochar products with both agricultural and environmental benefits.


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