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Fringe finance

Fringe finance

Fringe Finance is a decentralized money market designed to unlock the capital spread in crypto assets regardless of their capitalization and supported networks

The Fringe Finance platform is dedicated to unlocking the capital in speculative cryptocurrency assets

by providing loans collateralized by these assets. Holders of these more speculative assets who have

conviction to the upside price opportunity of their tokens can now put them to productive work

instead of just waiting idly for their price to appreciate.

The cryptocurrency market comprises a large number of cryptocurrencies. Some are well-known with

large market capitalizations, high liquidity and with broad support by many DeFi platforms for

trading, lending, borrowing and other services. There are other smaller altcoin cryptocurrencies that

have smaller market capitalizations, lower liquidity and are not well-supported by a broad variety of

DeFi platforms.

These smaller altcoins are often new or apply to a niche use case and therefore can be more

speculative than more popular, large cap cryptocurrencies. The capital locked in these smaller altcoin

assets often could not easily be deployed into the DeFi ecosystem because of the lack of broad support

by DeFi platforms.

Fringe Finance solves this problem by accepting a large variety of smaller altcoin assets as collateral

for stablecoin loans. Even though these smaller altcoins are often more volatile than the larger, more

popular coins, Fringe Finance uses a variety of borrowing parameters and related mechanisms to

maintain the stability and financial protection of the platform.

Fringe Finance’s vision also includes cross-chain collateralization, fixed-interest loans, a truly

decentralized UI and embedded DeFi insurance which will provide a platform rich in features to

service the growing crypto economy. The Fringe Finance platform will sustainably adapt through

transitioning governance to the Fringe Finance DAO so that its community of stakeholders can best

guide its future direction to best suit the community



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