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Next Privacy Finance Ecology Protocol. A Fairer and More Trustworthy Decentralized Ecology of Next Privacy Finance.

EVA is the unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecology that combines Layer0

network infrastructure and privacy computing framework & provides safe, reliable and

efficient network access and encrypted financial services for the Web3.0 application and DeFi ecology.

Evanesco is based on Polkadot ecology, committed to building the next generation of decentralized new privacy financial ecology protocol family in a fair and reliable way. Relying on the underlying secure privacy network, mainstream cross chain adaptation mechanism, powerful privacy transaction engine, it can build a more equitable ecology network of privacy finance. The open, transparent and difficult-to-tamper characteristics of the block chain have accelerated the emergence of modern decentralized finance, but in some fields these characteristics are not suitable for the development of financial activities, such as transaction information of large encrypted currency. Whether it is in the cryptocurrency or the traditional

financial field, it is very sensitive to the transfer of large-value assets. The transfer information of top Exchange`s address can even affect the market direction. For both parties, it is more hoped that the key transaction amount can be concealed. The privacy transaction process reduces the impact on the market.


February 1, 2022
Evanesco Monthly Report
January 29, 2022
EVA Computing Platform
January 12, 2022
EVA AMA with CEO-Zhe Recap
January 11, 2022
Fortress Announcement
January 4, 2022
Evanesco Monthly Report
December 28, 2021
EVA Grant Project -- Beecastle Mining Pool
December 24, 2021
EVA Mainnet Update Notice
December 23, 2021
Evanesco mainnet has been officially launched
December 21, 2021
EVA Mainnet Upgrade Guide
December 17, 2021
Evanesco mainnet is coming!


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