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Eric Balkanski

Eric Balkanski

Cofounder of Robust Intelligence

Eric Balkanski is a co-founder at Robust Intelligence. Starting in Fall 2020, he is an Assistant Professor in the IEOR Department at Columbia University.

He received his PhD in Computer Science from Harvard University where I was advised by Yaron Singer.

Balkanski's research is at the intersection of machine learning and algorithms. His most recent line of work on adaptivity develops parallel algorithms for machine learning applications. For a broad class of optimization problems, these new algorithms obtain exponential speedups in parallel runtime. He is also interested in the closely related area of optimization from samples, where sampled data and machine learning are used for decision tasks, instead of prediction tasks.

As a graduate student, Balkanski received a Google PhD fellowship and a Smith family graduate science and engineering fellowship. Before my PhD, he was an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University.



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