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Dragon War

Dragon War

Play-to-Earn Game on Solana

Dragon War is a Turn-based Strategy & Play and earn Game on Solana Blockchain where Heroes commands Dragons to fight against Evil in modern turn-based game style.

In this game, you can Buy Heroes, Summon Dragon to form a team to battle with NPCs in PVE Modes or with other players in PVP Modes. You can earn token rewards from various activities ingame. And with the Marketplace, users can trade their NFTs with other users to get token benefits.

The NFT dragons will be built and minted, and should consist of many different unique body parts. If Axies can either be of pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities, Your dragons would like to be built in the same way.

Strength of Dragon War's Tokenomic

In Dragon War, the amount of NFTs is huge. We have not only tens of thousands of Dragon variances, Ability/Skill Cards… but also Heroes, Equipment Items, Consumable Items…

In addition to that, with our tokenomic model, the tokens will have a lot of different use cases that can be used, or burned. That would be an important factor to balance and decide how sustainable a token comic is.

Running on Solana is another strong support for our tokenomic: For other games running on BSC or Ethereum, the gas fees are huge so a lot % of reward you need to spend for the gas fees to play the game. In Sol, the gas fee is a thousand times less than BSC, which is almost equal to 0. That would definitely make the cost for our tokenomic much lower than the others which would also make our tokenomic more sustainable.

Synergies are a critical part of your strategy. Your own elemental dragon will consist of 4 characteristic attributes: Earth — Fire — Thunder — Water and the incompatible mechanics in the game are Fire > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire. They are similar to the rock-paper-scissor game.

About the Dragon War ICO

Dragon War is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on the blockchain system. The NFT will give players much better ownership rights as it is truly owned by them at their wallet address. These NFT characters are also very distinguished, with different appearance, attributes, and characteristics. They can’t be tampered with and are completely on-chain.

All dragon’s body parts have their own strengths and weaknesses. And this system means they can make every battle a different experience. Since the strategy is key, you’ll want to pay attention to synergies between characters, dragon line-up, power cards and items also.


February 12, 2022
Announcing: Dragon War Partners With MetaGaming Guild!

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