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DIGICORP Labs is a DigiCorp Labs -the secure and decentralized founded by Jozua Van Der Deijl.

Introducing DigiCorp

For most businesses, blockchain, and the application of blockchain technology, remain a

mystery. Even in the age of digital transformation, too many organizations are either

unaware of, or unable to, harness the added value offered by decentralized blockchain. They

are too busy, overwhelmed with security concerns, or simply unable to use the available


Meanwhile, the sheer reliance and dependence of businesses on the internet has introduced

threats and risks as they strive to digitize and economize their commercial activities and


DigiCorp Labs was created to demystify these technologies for businesses, brands, and

consumers; to unlock the real-world application of decentralized technology; to eliminate

security threats and risks; and to enable businesses and users alike to repatriate control and

ownership of their data, free from intervention by third-party service providers and other


The metaverse

Built from the need to share data and information between people, institutions, and businesses

(and the military), the non-centralized internet (INTERconnected NETwork of computers) was a

level playing field that both encouraged and rewarded innovation.

But fast forward from its origins in the 1950s to today, and we find the modern internet to be a

highly centralized network of a few digital giants, a far cry from its original ideals.

Digicorp is dedicated to reviving those original values: equality, inclusivity, and digital

innovation to all, with the creation of the DigiMetaverse. An ever-expanding network of realworld digital innovations and solutions for both businesses and consumers, the DGMV token

powers Self-Sovereign Identity (SID) for users, and the DigiMetaverse meets the challenges which

have resulted from the highly centralized digital world that we have today, including, but not

limited to:

Security risks: We remove single points of failure to deliver world-class digital and physical

security, in order to protect and control information and access.

Unfair distribution: Centralized delivery of services, while highly effective, too often results in the

unfair distribution of assets and resources.

One-sided terms and conditions: The acceptance of these terms in centralized systems protects

the giants, not the individuals, who have no choice but to accept or otherwise be prohibited

from participation.

The DigiMetaverse vision

Delivering the DigiMetaverse: our blueprint to the inherently secure, people-centric, value

creation-focused web of tomorrow

Delivering real-world enterprise solutions, on top of the foundational elements of the Metaverse,

provides practical and measurable value. This allows users access to and controlled usage of

the Metaverse, while enabling forward progress in parallel with further innovative development.

Delivering the DigiMetaverse

Designed to benefit investors and deliver value to enterprises, brands, consumers,

institutions, organizations, and commo the challengeof delivering business value today, while developing technologies that will enable the full

vision of the DigiMetaverse, we have taken a two-step tactical approach.

Step 1: The first step was the creation of our three core business units: DigiThree, DigiLife, and

DigiAcademy/DigiWare, as depicted in the following diagram.

While there are overlaps in their respective offerings, each business unit delivers SID-secured

services for the DigiMetaverse, with a clear, focused division of user types, solutions, and


Our Core Technologies

Step 2: The second step, enabled by our DigiThree partnership with ThreeFold, is the rapid

provision of a portfolio of quantum-secure enterprise applications devised to enable and

deliver a step change from the services that dominate the international market today, by

utilizing the DigiByte blockchain.

The DigiMetaverse non-custodial wallet and self-sovereign identity

DigiMetaverse entry allowing consumers, organizations, and brands to:

  • Protect their identities online;
  • Store, manage, and control digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and personal

data of all forms and formats;

  • Access the services and leverage the privacy options of the DigiMetaverse.

The following is a brief description of the DigiCorp business units tasked with delivering

version 1.0 of the DigiMetaverse:

DigiThree: quantum-secure decentralized enterprise solutions

A joint venture between DigiCorp and our strategic technology partner, ThreeFold Tech,

DigiThree leverages the ThreeFold Grid, a fully decentralized, sustainable, and autonomous

computing and storage utility that serves as the digital substrate to the DigiMetaverse. It is a

high-availability peer-to-peer internet across the DigiMetaverse: a transparent, highlyaccessible, and decentralized architecture with storage, data sharing, and communication


DigiThree enables the streamlining that businesses are seeking in their digital

transformations, with secure processes that ensure audit and validation readiness and

automated, tested, trust-guaranteed activities that reduce user intervention.

DigiThree delivers quantum-secure blockchain solutions to enterprises, offering practical

applications of blockchain and decentralized technologies for real-world business

requirements, such as Video Conferencing, Secure File Management and Storage Services,

and Business-Secure Web Browsing. DigiMetaverse products and services can be purchased

either by subscription or on a pay-for-use model requiring no upfront expenditure.

Secure P2P video conferencing

Secure, encrypted direct video conferencing services using a decentralized model,

eliminating the need for third-party providers.

Pioneering ultra-scalable, peer-to-peer, 100% private video communication services that are

robust, reliable, and consistent.

To that end, we offer services that replace

them, but also provide absolute control over calls, recordings and transcripts for

business, ensuring that all data and records remain 100% secure and under the control

of the data owner.

Quantum-secure storage and solutions

Safe and secure data vaults are critical: our quantum-secure storage solutions meet the

challenges of managing the exponential growth in both data storage requirements and

compliance reporting by securing the data which drives the global business operations of

our enterprise users.

DigiThree eliminates data storage-related security risks and threats with reliable,

sustainable, easy-to-integrate solutions to the real-world needs of our users. To facilitate

this, our product portfolio includes:

Quantum-secure storage: simple enterprise and user-level storage and file sharing

Backup data and data archiving: secure and controlled to streamline operations

Secure log storage: monitored and defended log file storage and archives

Secure browsing

Secure encryption and threat-proof web browsing: DigiThree's answer for reduce security risks in critical remote communications between businesses and employees, as well as their supply chains and customer bases. DigiThree's secure browsing is a robust alternative available to mitigate the risks from this vector of security threats. Current challenges: DigiThree is currently conducting several trial concepts with large global enterprises. DigiThree solutions will be available through both subscription and pay-as-you-go models, with no upfront costs.

DigiLife: secure consumer and brand-focused ecosystem

To pioneer value-driven use cases of DigiMetaverse wallet-managed SID, DigiLife will leverage

the enterprise-level power of the DigiMetaverse and its secure, decentralized technologies

into the consumer and brand space. Delivering inclusion and fostering the creation and

provision of value-adding services, DigiLife provides a secure ecosystem for controlled

brand and consumer interactions and enables consumers to fully own and control their


While the NFT market of today is relatively small and very much focused on art, DigiLife is

creating value propositions for businesses, brands, and consumers with a broad set of

alternative use cases for Non-Fungible Tokens.

Metaverse non-custodial wallet

Shaping brand and consumer use of the DigiMetaverse wallet, the DigiLife ecosystem

provides NFT and other digital asset creation and management capabilities, allowing users

to earn, own, issue, design, certify, showcase, send, receive, trade, exchange, and manage

NFTs and other digital assets. The Metaverse wallet provides integration and access to

Metaverse applications, services, and solutions.

DigiWare and DigiAcademy: community-enabled expansion

DigiWare provides DigiByte technological integration and facilitation with all DigiCorp

services. Working in close developer and operational partnership with ThreeFold and

DigiByte, DigiWare facilitates the DigiCorp services through a range of foundational

blockchain development tools including, but not limited to, hardware infrastructure; DigiByte

blockchain technology and the DigiAssets layer; DigiMetaverse wallet technology;

communications protocols; and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Any business can tap into this technological resource in order to progress their own

blockchain ambitions.

DigiMetaverse smart layer

DigiMetaverse Smart Layer is a detached transaction-based layer built on top of the

DigiByte blockchain. It will benefit from DigiByte's incredible block time, and can be

programmed with a solidity-based language, allowing the creation of complex smart


In terms of transaction speed and documentation, this Layer-2 protocol aims to be like

Ethereum. However, with $DGMV as gas, and by having no central authority and using the

secure proof-of-work network of DigiByte as a Settlement Layer, it will be cheaper and more


DigiAcademy will include an online training platform, blockchain, and digital assets targeted

to attract developers to our technology. DigiAcademy will include live streamed classes,

industry-leading content, tutoring for students, and opportunities to collaborate on

blockchain projects.

While this will be available to individuals, we will also be partnering with technical universities

and other institutions to share knowledge and collaborate on mutually beneficial blockchain


These decentralized communities aim to revolutionize social, financial, and political systems

through a unique blend of collaboration and transparency, including participation in

governance. Enabled by user holdings of DGMV tokens, DigiCorp will offer opportunities for

users and community members to express views and preferences regarding the


A note on the DigiByte blockchain

While the open architecture of the DigiMetaverse is entirely blockchain-agnostic, DigiCorp

has decided to implement our portfolio of decentralized applications and solutions on the

DigiByte blockchain. This decision was based on a solid match of capabilities that meet our current and future

requirements; on the strengths of long-standing, trusted inter-team relationships; and on a

commonality of vision and ethos across all partners, as well as their track record of

continuous improvement and ongoing innovation since 2014.

DigiByte delivers fast transactional performance and low fee structure within a truly

decentralized architecture. DigiCorp will utilize the core capabilities of secure authentication

and digital validation and verification, and will work with our developers and joint

communities to help deliver DigiByte digital assets and smart contract capabilities.

The DigiCorp roadmap

The journey

The development and growth of the DigiMetaverse by DigiCorp, our partners, and our

community is being driven by our three business divisions. Each of these will follow a path to

expansion and delivery across the DigiMetaverse, with focused agility and adaptability that

ensures that each business can independently react to market conditions and opportunities.

Our roadmap has a long (currently unrevealed) list of future enterprise and consumer

applications, solutions, and services, as well as other innovative DigiMetaverse

enhancements. DigiCorp plans to implement and sponsor a broad range of strategies to

drive momentum for this growth.

While each new application or service adds utility to the $DGMV by powering secure B2B,

B2C, and C2C transactions, the following strategies have been designed to deliver further

support to the expansion of the DigiMetaverse, tapping into markets that are already

sizable, but far from reaching their full potential. These strategic approaches include, but

are not limited to:


The partnerships to be developed, building from our foundation partnership with ThreeFold,

will spur innovation while delivering on issues such as scalability, usability, and regulatory


Community collaboration, new ventures and knowledge sharing

DigiCorp’s experienced team of blockchain developers will deliver collaborative DigiByte

blockchain innovations, facilitated by DigiWare APIs. Our community is also the focal point

for both the recruitment and creation of the expertise and knowledge required to grow the

Metaverse with the resulting collaborative ventures.

Research and development

DigiCorp, particularly DigiThree with quantum-safe storage, DigiWare, and DigiAcademy, will

focus on building Quantum-Safe, Decentralized Technology and solutions. The focus will be

on blockchain infrastructure, accessed securely via the Metaverse, in order to meet a broad

spectrum of industry requirements and deliver full ownership and control of all data and

digital assets.

Consulting and professional services

Technical consultancy services, focused on decentralization, self-sovereignty, and privacy by

design, to support our partners with market exploration, core development, and B2B

commercialization that leverages the DigiMetaverse.

The DGMV token

A utility token by design, DGMV, in conjunction with user SID, unlocks access to a portfolio of

enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property in the DigiMetaverse, securely


  • Access to the DigiMetaverse
  • Gas for the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer
  • Loyalty-derived community participation in Metaverse governance
  • Loyalty-based token rebates for application and service customers
  • On-demand and subscription payments for services
  • Wallet-based SID management
  • User management and off-platform trading of crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets
  • Owned-data collection and management
  • Hashing on the DGB blockchain
  • Other utility to complement ongoing Metaverse development

As DigiCorp service uptake increases, demand for the DGMV utility token will grow, leading to

high velocity demand and token scarcity.

Mechanics and model

$DGMV is a pure utility token, based on the ERC-20 standard and issued on the

decentralized Ethereum mainnet. The ERC-20 standard is fit for purpose, including wide

access to an extensive ecosystem of token users and investors.

As a blockchain-agnostic organization with agility as a core value of the business, and a

strong commitment to the DigiByte blockchain. In future, we aim to migrate the token to the

DigiMetaverse smart layer on the DigiByte Blockchain, subject to investor and community

discussion and agreement.

The process and offer

The target DGMV token sales price presents three options, which have been set at $0.21, $0,30,

and $0,36 per token, depending on the lock-up period and vesting schedule.


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