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DEFENSEWERX is a Doolittle Institute non-profit working within the defense industry.

DEFENSEWERX is a Doolittle Institute proprietary non-profit working within the private sector to collaborate on technology innovation for the Department of Defense. It focuses on workforce development and STEM-related initiatives to develop manufacturing prototypes and solutions for technical issues within the Air Force.

Specifically, DEFENSEWERX serves the Air Force at Fort Walton and Special Operations customers in Tampa, Florida. Its team develops technology transfer processes, patent collaborations, networking events, workforce development, and technology advancement by partnering with national, state, and local resources.

DEFENSEWERX is made to enable creative and integrated solutions for DoD customers by leveraging a national network of individuals, businesses, academic institutions, and government organizations. The DEFENSEWERX organization assesses the needs of DoD customers and connects them with relevant expertise to help facilitate successful customer outcomes and establish strategic military supremacy.

DEFENSEWERX works with all innovation organizations involved in the Department of Defense Innovation Ecosystem and is focused on making appropriate connections within the innovation ecosystem to leverage the abilities of active businesses and innovators. DEFENSEWERX runs a network of organizations within the DoD innovation ecosystem through the DEFENSEWERX Family of Innovation Hubs.



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