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Cygames is a japanese video game distribution corporation founded in 2011.

Cygames, Inc. is a Japanese video game development studio established in 2011 by CyberAgent. Mobile and E-commerce company DeNA acquired a 24% stake in the studio in 2012, and Nintendo acquired another 5% stake in 2018, leaving CyberAgent with 69% of the shares and as such, they are the parent company of Cygames. From its formation, the company produced mobile games, initially on the Mobage platform, and from 2013 on Android and iOS. The company headquarters is located in Tokyo while other divisions are located in Osaka and Saga in Japan and Seoul, South Korea.

Key IPs include Rage of Bahamut (2011), The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls (2011, with Bandai Namco Entertainment), Granblue Fantasy (2014), and Shadowverse (2016). The company began development of console games in 2015. In 2016 Cygames announced the establishment of an anime studio CygamesPictures. The company also began funding anime for its mobile property and for new projects and adaptations for anime. The company also entered the manga, music and design market in the time period.


May 18, 2018
Cygames announced the establishment of a subsidiary for music production and artist management called Cymusic.
April 18, 2018
Partnership with Nintendo was announced to develop the game Dragalia Lost, for the purpose of facilitating the partnership Nintendo will obtain approximately 5 percent of Cygames's issued stocks.
June 3, 2017
Cygames and its parent company CyberAgent announced that they jointly established CA-Cygames Anime Fund”, a fund for investing in anime IP which will inject funds to the anime production committee to obtain the rights to stream anime videos on the Internet and produce games with a total amount of funds to be 3 billion yen.
Cygames founded its esports team, Cygames Beast, with Street Fighter players Daigo Umehara, Snake Eyez, and PR Balrog.
Cygames and Kodansha announced that they formed a partnership to launch a new label called Cycomi. The new label will release volumes in print distributed by Kodansha for manga already published online by Cygames on its digital manga website called Cycomics.
March 2016
Cygames announced the establishment of its own anime production division and anime studio as a subsidiary known as CygamesPictures to do planning, production and animation both for Cygames own IPs and original anime projects as well.
January 2016
Cygames announced the acquisition of the gaming and anime background studio Kusanagi.
Cygames announced that it was developing Project Awakening, its first large-format title for consoles[9] as well as the establishment of their Osaka studio focused on console games.
June 2012
Cygames founded CyDesignation, a company specialized in Design, Illustration, Game planning and Game development.



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