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MMO RPG Futuristic Metaverse made by QORPO powered by $CCASH

Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn NFT metaverse with your crime syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses.

The CyberTrade Metaverse is a next-gen, AAA sandbox experience built by the QORPO dev-house with basic open world game features. You will be navigating the city from a third-person view and testing your skills across the 10 leveling zones (districts).

The player will progress all the way from poor suburbs to the downtown of metropolit, with each zone having its distinct visuals and is underpinned by the game’s refined economic system. The core idea of the gameplay is to become as wealthy as possible and gain supremacy over the city. To do this you have to buy properties, build factories, skyscrapers and pursue many other activities, which can make you a big profit if you are able to manage them well.

Current blockchain gaming cannot compete with the traditional gaming industry

For the majority of blockchain games, the user experience and gameplay are not up to par with today’s standards and are insufficient for the long-term retention of users. Additionally, the graphics and design of most blockchain games are more akin to games dating 15 to 20 years back than to modern games. People play those blockchain games mainly to make a profit and thus will more quickly switch to the ones that offer higher earnings. The goal for blockchain games should thus not be play-to-earn but play-and-earn.


Traditional user experience and addictive gameplay

CyberTrade features a straightforward user experience and captivating gameplay, thereby incentivizing users to keep playing and not just ditch the game for another one. CyberTrade’s high-quality graphic design is one of the main factors distinguishing it from the rest and makes playing fun.



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