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Chang Guang Satellite

Chang Guang Satellite

Chang Guang is a satellite imagery company offering remote sensing photography and geospatial data.


Chang Guang is a satellite company offering remote sensing imagery and geospatial data. The company was founded on December 1st, 2014 and is the first commercial remote sensing satellite company from China. CG Satellite has a total registered capital of 1.97 billion yuan and is composed of CIOMP, Jilin provincial government and social capital.

Jilin-1 constellation

CG Satellite's core project is the Jilin-1 satellite constellation, under construction by CGSTL. The constellation is composed of 138 high-performance optical remote sensing satellites covering high resolution, large width, video and multi-spectrum. CGSTL has successfully sent 16 Jilin-1 satellites into space through nine launches as of June 2021. The Jilin-1 constellation can visit any place in the world five to seven times a day and has the ability to update its global map once per year and a national map four times a year.

CG currently uses the satellite constellation to offer high-quality remote sensing information and product services for agricultural and forestry production, environmental monitoring, smart city, geographical mapping, land planning and other fields.

The satellite offers wide-frame photography 110Km or above the swath width of sub-satellite imaging, with superior observation and unique advantages in large-scale ground observation. It also offers an extra-large frame shooting 135Km or above.

Jilin-1 allows for high-resolution imagery up to 0.3m panchromatic resolution, 2m or less standard multi-spectral resolution, 4m or less extended multispectral resolution, and 5m or less infrared multispectral resolution.

A high-resolution push-broom satellite has an architecture centered on the payload. It features robust maneuverability and orbit-controlling ability in orbital maneuver and maintenance. The push-broom camera has 0.5m or less panchromatic resolution and 3m or less multi-spectral resolution, enabling it to unveil clear ground truth and applicable for land investigation, agricultural and forestry resources survey.

A high-resolution multimode satellite supports both modes of static push-broom imaging and video imaging with high resolution synchronously. It features the abilities of static push-broom imaging and alternatively gaze observation. A high-resolution video imaging satellite of the Jilin-1 series is able to collect HD (4K) color video imagery of the target area with a resolution superior to 1m.

Video imagery

Video imagery is a standard video acquired by the Jilin-1 constellation, with a resolution less than 0.9m after being processed through image stabilizing and framing. Movies are available in both .avi and .mov data formats.

Static imagery

The standard optical static image is a standard sub-meter product collected by Jilin-1 constellation, corrected and calibrated by radiation and sensors. RPC models and metadata files are available in the general .tiff format.

Luminous imagery

Luminous (night time) images are standard sub-meter products collected by Jilin-1 constellation and are also corrected and calibrated by radiation and sensors. RPC models and metadata files are available in the general .tiff format.

Satellite-Borne Visible Spectral Push-Broom Camera

The Jilin-1 satellite-borne visible spectral push-broom camera offers superior imaging capacity, quality, and reduced size. while offering overall efficiency of the optical payload.

Focal Plane Assembly

A focal plane assembly has the mission of actuating CMOS or CCD sensors to collect digital imagery by transforming optical signals into electrical ones. Its roles are as follows.

Satellite components
Image Processing System

Imaging Processing Unit(PSU) is a component in charge of its satellite matrix’s RS image storage, processing, compressing, data framing & encrypting. The system interacts with PCU telemetering data via the CAN bus.

Digital Sun Sensor

A sun sensor is a cost-efficient dual-axis instrument for precise sun pointing & tracking and attitude measuring. It detects the incidence angle of solar rays on two orthogonal axes and features a low mass and size.

NanoSat Sensor

Satellite sensor is a high-precision attitude measurer which has been extensively applied to satellite, missile, shipbuilding industries. NST-1 sensor has a low mass, size and power consumption.


The flywheel is essential in controlling the satellite’s flying attitude under the steady-state. Its control system guarantees the reliability and lifecycle of satellites in orbit.

Magnetic Torquer

The magnetic torquer creates a magnetic moment to control the satellite attitude by interfacing with the magnetic field of the earth. The product designed to fit inside the satellite interior with soft magnetic materials.


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