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California Gold Nutrition

California Gold Nutrition

California Gold Nutrition is a health food and supplement brand based in California.Products of the brand are produced only in the United States, but thanks to the numerous positive feedbacks of satisfied consumers it began to be actively exported to other countries around the world.

All California Gold brand supplements are produced according to international norms and standards, and it contains only natural ingredients.

California Gold products do not contain any GMO flavors or ingredients, so they are safe and harmless, quickly and easily assimilated and have only positive effects on the body with maximal effect.

The main product lines of California Gold Nutrition are products for sports nutrition, complexes for weight loss, and mixes to improve the metabolic processes in the body. They include vitamins of all groups, fatty acids, plant extracts and fruit concentrates, Q10 coenzymes and proteins. All of these substances improve well-being, increase vitality, and relieve depression.

Production of supplements at California Gold Nutrition is fully certified (NSF and NPA certificates obtained) and meets the requirements of GMPs standard effective additives.



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