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Blue Planet Ltd

Blue Planet Ltd

Blue Planet is a Los Gatos, California-based developer of scalable solutions for carbon capture and storage technology.

Blue Planet Ltd. solves the carbon capture problem by converting carbon dioxide into high-value building materials. Blue Planet recognizes the scale of the global CO2 problem on Earth and understands the distribution of carbon dioxide. The company also aims to develop and commercialize a scalable solution for carbon dioxide mitigation that is both economically and technically sustainable. Blue Planet’s new biomimetic carbon capture and mineralization technology utilizes several patented scientific breakthoughs. Its technology uses unique, efficient, and low-cost carbon capture methods. Blue Planet develops projects both at sources of carbon dioxide like industrial plants, and utilizing it’s carbon-sequestered aggregates in concrete projects.


Blue Planet’s technology uses CO2 as a raw material for making carbonate rocks. The carbonate rocks produced are used in place of natural limestone rock mined from quarries, which is the principal component of concrete. The carbon dioxide from flue gas converts to carbonate (or CO3=) by contacting CO2 containing gas with a water-based capture solutions. This differentiates Blue Planet from most CO2 capture methods because the captured CO2 does not require a purification step, which is an energy and capital-intensive process. As a result, Blue Planet’s capture method is extremely efficient, and results in a lower cost than traditional methods of CO2 capture.


Blue Planet's process is similar to the ooid formation in nature. A rock particle is coated with the company's synthetic limestone, forming a carbon-sequestering coating that is 44% by mass CO2.The coating contains residual fine particles from the capture solution regeneration.

Aggregate products

Blue Planet uses it’s patented Liquid Condensed Phase (LCP™) Technology to convert CO2 into high-value CarbonMix™ building and highway materials. The company creates aggregates, CO2-sequestered aggregates, and upcycled aggregates.

The use of Blue Planet aggregate is the most effective way to achieve carbon neutral – or even carbon negative – concrete. In strength, performance, and cost, Blue Planet CO2-sequestered aggregate is equivalent to that of standard quarried aggregates. The coating for these aggregates consists of synthetic limestone (CaCO3) crystallized on the surface of recycled aggregate, giving it a smoothened surface finish. Each ton of CO2-sequestered limestone traps 440 kilograms of carbon dioxide, preventing it from accumulating in the atmosphere. Upcycled Aggregate is a by-product of demolished and returned concrete that has been through a calcium extraction process for Blue Planet’s carbon dioxide sequestered limestone. This aggregate is useful in most concrete mixes, and is well indurated and harder than virgin aggregates due to the uniform process of Blue Planet’s reformation step.


January 4, 2021
Blue Planet Ltd raises a $14,400,000 series C round.
December 2, 2015
Blue Planet Ltd raises a $4,830,000 angel round.
Blue Planet Ltd was founded by Brent Constantz.

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