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Blockpool is a London-based blockchain company using blockchain theory and technology to develop business solutions.


Blockpool is a company developing and delivering real-world business-to-business solutions using blockchain theory and technology. The company was founded in 2016 by a group of blockchain experts and uses a delegated proof-of-stake platform designed to integrate with enterprise systems.

Blockpool offers consultancy services and an API that can help companies create currencies, establish contracts, prove provenance, and improve transparency. The API uses custom blockchain code to help companies create plug-ins and bespoke coding to create those new solutions.


Developed by Blockpool, the ORIGIN is a solution using the features of blockchain to help companies manage assets. It allows asset owners to create unique identities for each item they own with complete control over who can access data and exactly what information is shared. ORIGIN is also capable of tracking fractional ownership of any asset registered on chain. This can allow solving and offering a range of uses cases, both physical and digital, including the following:

  • Brands—they can use ORIGIN to ensure products are authentic, have passed quality checks, and are distributed through authorized resellers
  • Creators—ORIGIN allows them to prove authorship, sell their creations in part or whole, crowdsource creations, and more
  • Manufacturers—the solution allows manufacturers to track every item through any processes, making data discoverable from internet connected systems or machines
  • Enterprises—the solution allows enterprises to track assets by location or individual and to automate business processes and equipment refreshes

Urban is a blockchain-based technology which allows brands and businesses to create loyalty programs that automatically reward members in real time with tokens that can be redeemed in the ecosystem, or in some cases, outside of the private chain. The product also works to change the triangular relationship of brands, content, and consumers to establish a new marketing concept and simplify the act of action and reward.

Blockpool's Urban product was demonstrated at the SXSW music, film, and interactive festival in Austin, Texas in 2018. In this proof of concept, an application was used to trigger location-based rewards around venues in Austin, while allowing users to reward artists based on their experiences. And this was used to show how the Urban concept can be used to any event or initiative to drive value for brands, sponsors, and promoters.


Persona is Blockpool's solution for a digital passport with embedded Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology that can be used in various industry sectors. The solution was originally developed for Innovate UK, a government-backed initiative from the early COVID-19 pandemic, but was built to be flexible and usable in different use cases such as COVID-19 track and trace, air travel, hospitality verification, student identification, or stadium access.

SSI has been used to address the difficulty of establishing trust in an interaction. The product enables one party to present their credentials to other parties, which in turn verify the credentials coming from an issuer they trust. The solution has been used, by Innovate UK, in order to allow users and organizations to quickly exchange COVID-19 status credentials with data privacy and trustless security.

Custom blockchain development

Blockpool offers custom blockchain development solutions to help businesses with their unique problems. These specialized solutions are intended for businesses that cannot make use of Blockpool's other pre-built solutions and are not ready for PaaS. As part of this development, Blockpool offers solutions built from the following:

  • Blockpool blockchain—the company's flagship product; the public blockchain is often the best option for simple use-cases or for companies that need a low-cost entry into blockchain. The Blockpool chain is highly available and visible from any internet connected device.
  • Sidechains—a Blockpool sidechain offers greater control and privacy than a public blockchain and is considered a better fit for businesses that need a more controlled solution.
  • Private blockchains—a private chain allows a company to use the benefits of a blockchain with strict control over use and access, and Blockpool also offers both hosted and non-hosted options.
  • Public blockchains—a public blockchain offers cost-free hosting on a widely distributed network and is considered an advanced option for those that wish to do a deep dive into blockchain technology.


February 3, 2022
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June 1, 2017
Blockpool TEC approaches $0.25 million and introduces Lisk/Shift exchange
April 16, 2017
BlockPool announces a token exchange campaign for B2B blockchain.


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