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Babylon Finance

Babylon Finance

Babylon Finance is a community-led Asset Management. DeFi Together founded in 2021 by Ramon Recuero.

The first decentralized asset management protocol where deposits are owned and led by the community.

A new age of investing

We are witnessing the end of a 30-year secular downtrend in interest rates. We reached zero. End of the road.

Bonds are no longer a viable hedge for portfolios. Equities are at an all-time high in terms of P/E ratios. Central banks are increasing the money supply faster than ever. Inflation looms on the horizon.

We need an alternative.


Bitcoin showed us the way. Crypto is the only asset class that has outperformed the increase in the money supply by central banks.

 Best Performing Asset Class

The asset class is just getting started. Every asset is eventually going to be tokenized and become a crypto asset. Forex, Commodities, and even equities are already available via Synthetix.

And that’s on top of the digital native assets that are already out there. Artists around the world are selling digital creations for hundreds of thousands of dollars on SuperRare. Mark Cuban and Chamath are rightly obsessed with NFTs.

The total addressable market of Asset Management in traditional finance is approximately $100 trillion. DeFi by comparison is only $40 billion.

There is a huge opportunity ahead.

Democratization of Investing

We want to bring everyone access to this generational opportunity. It is not just another asset. Trustless networks are going to give you access to investments that were previously locked by regulations, jurisdictions, and accreditation rules. Decentralized protocols are going to bring the deals that happened behind closed doors to the public.

Web 2.0 allowed anyone to become a creator, a YouTuber, a blogger, or a podcaster.

Web 3.0 is going to turn the world into investors. Everyone can own a stake in the products they believe in, sharing the upside.

Number of investors +++

In order to make this happen, we need to remove the barriers that prevent mass adoption. We need to give everyone a chance to participate. We need to rethink asset management from scratch.

We need to create a community-first platform.

By the people, for the people.

Community First

Wall Street Bets, Seeking Alpha, and Real Vision show the power of investing as a tribe. Members of these communities want to collaborate on a shared vision of the world and are willing to put their money on it. GME and Dogecoin showcase how powerful communities and memetic desires are.

Asset management starts with an investment thesis or an idea. The idea can be simple — for example, long an asset — or it can be a complicated lattice of derivative plays. No matter the complexity, the idea will only grow stronger with input, energy, and attention from like-minded peers. In our interconnected world, chances are you are not the only one with that investment thesis.

Thanks to Ethereum & the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) money primitives, coordination, and trust are now possible without intermediaries. Consequently, there is no fundamental reason why investment funds need a single manager. Communities can organize around an investment thesis, make it stronger and collaborate to increase the returns from the idea.

The incident between Wall Street Bets and Robinhood has again brought mainstream awareness to the inherent risks of centralized platforms. If you are not paying to use a proprietary platform, you are the product. Asset Management has to be trustless, permissionless, and community-owned.

A Game of Incentives

However, investing in crypto is not easy. There are so many opportunities out there but few people know how to take advantage.

What if the people that know the opportunities share them and get rewarded?

You can just passively participate in a community. Or you can choose to engage, join the conversation and discuss opportunities. Better yet, you can lead and suggest investment ideas to the community.

In a group or community:

  1. Participants are incentivized to find and share the best investment opportunities.
  2. Other participants in the same group can endorse or downvote these ideas to ensure that only the best ideas rise to the top.
  3. The best ideas will activate the pooled capital. The rewards for good ideas will be shared between the ideators, curators, and investors.
A long tail of assets

The only way to take advantage of this enormous opportunity space is with a community. No single person can keep up with the pace in NFTs, Yield Farming, and liquidity pools all at once. An informed community on a permissionless platform is best positioned to tackle this problem.

A community that will enable investors to access the best opportunities even if individuals don’t have the capital, the know-how, or the time to do it alone.

There are a lot of valid ways to make money in this ecosystem and we welcome them all. You can find a community focused on investing in digital NFTs, join another one that invests based on macro factors, or start a community focused on providing liquidity to stable coin pools on Balancer.

Within, investors can find both the opportunities and communities that match their time, risk and liquidity preferences.

Every community will be able to choose where to deploy their capital and which protocols to use. We hope to enable visionary investors by providing a rich set of integrations and balanced incentives for both idea generators and passive participants. We see the space as a positive-sum game and it’s also our goal to provide as much liquidity to the ecosystem as we can.

Here are some of the protocols that we are integrating for our launch:

DeFi -> Stronger together.
Call to the Community

Our launch is coming soon. We believe it is really important to be public and transparent about our plans and to engage the community early. The best way to build a network is by sharing our plans and getting feedback.

We want to hear from you. We cannot create this platform alone.

  • If you are working on a DeFi protocol, and want to collaborate, let’s chat.
  • If you are a DeFi expert, and want to lead a community around your thesis, please contact us.
  • If you are a DeFi investor, and you want to join one of the first communities, we want to hear from you.


February 2022
Public Launch
November 2021
The Prophets + BABL IDO
August 2021
Settlers Beta + Mining Rewards
June 2021
Team + Investor Alpha
April 2021
Litepaper + Security Audit


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