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BIOS Health Ltd

BIOS Health Ltd

A full-stack neural interface company. BIOS is creating a hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and AI with the aim of developing AI-based neural treatments that recreate neural signal patterns capable of affecting the health of a person.

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems, or BIOS (as of December, 2018), is a company aiming to create neural interfaces between AI and the nervous system.

Founded by Emil Hewage and Oliver Armitage, the company has the goal to build a link between the body's nervous and external devices for the sake of aiding against chronic diseases. The link is not designed to communicate directly with the the spine or brain, but rather to decipher the signals that are sent to and from problematic/diseased organs or limbs, and then using a new signal to help treat the patient. The company's main targets are heart disease and diabetes.Another use for the neural link that BIOS offers is for a prosthetic interface device, or PID. With BIOS, a patient with a missing limb would be able to control an artificial body part.

BIOS uses machine learning to process high volumes of neural data to understand how each signal corresponds to a specific action in a patient. They are also making this data available to anybody involved in healthcare.


May 29, 2020
Bios Health and Mila hook up for $800K neural biomarker research collab
December 4, 2018
BIOS Health Ltd raises a $4,500,000 seed round.
December 2018
BIOS Health Ltd raises a $4,500,000 seed round from AME Cloud Ventures, Ariel Poler, Charlie Songhurst, Heuristic Capital Partners, K5 Ventures and Real Ventures.
October 2018
BIOS Health Ltd raises a $1,100,000 grant.
May 5, 2015
BIOS Health Ltd was founded by Emil Hewage and Oliver Armitage.

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Leaked BIOS passwords led investigators to Tina Peters' office in Mesa County, Colo.
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