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ArYu Group

ArYu Group

ArYu Group is an Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India-based IT consulting and development services company founded in 2016 by Surendra Kumar Sahu.

ArYu Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. The company was founded by Surendra Kumar Sahu in 2016 as a commodity trading business, with Aryush Industries Private Limited. Surendra Kumar Sahu is the chairman. ArYu Group includes other businesses engaged in energy, financial services, mobile payments, real estate, construction, textiles, natural resources, broadcasting, newspaper, and retail and ecommerce. Their group companies are:

  • ArYush Infotech
  • ArYuPay Technologies
  • ArYu Global Infrastructure
  • ArYu Retail
  • ArYu Digital Media
  • ArYuSoft Corporation
  • Bizita Technologies
  • SkyCliffer Technologies
  • ArYush Construction
  • ArYuSoft Corporation (United States)
  • ArYuPay Labs (Canada)
  • ArYuPay (Singapore)

ArYu Group started as an information technology consulting and development services company. They provide services for B2B and B2C ecosystems and offer solutions for mobile, desktop, and cloud technologies.

ArYu Group says they are dedicated to creating cost-effective and customizable solutions that adapt to the evolving customer needs. The company's range of information technology and software services cover the range of their business interests. ArYu Group works to provide fully secured data for clients, provide holistic technology solutions, and create customized tools and features through those solutions.


November 2016
ArYu Group was founded by Surendra Kumar Sahu.


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