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Anyon Systems

Anyon Systems

A company making quantum electronic design automation toolkits for designing and optimizing nano and quantum electronics.

Anyon Systems Inc. is a Canadian quantum computing company based in Dorval Quebec. Founded in 2014, by Alireza Najafi-Yazdi & Mohsen Najafi-Yazdi Anyon Systems engineer hardware (including superconducting quantum processors, control electronics and cryogenic systems) and software to for turn-key superconducting quantum computers.

Anyon provides a Quantum Device Simulator (QDS) to design and optimize quantum electronic devices and other nanoscale devices where quantum effects are leveraged.

In 2017 Anyon collaborated with Google's quantum computing team based at the University of California Santa Barbara lead by John Martinis. Anyon's simulation software predicted the cross-talk between different components of a superconducting 6-qubit quantum processor.


Anyon Systems was founded by Alireza Najafi-Yazdi and Mohsen Najafi-Yazdi.


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