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Alloy (software company)

Alloy (software company)

Alloy is a San Francisco-based software company developing a platform for inventory and shipment visibility, including sell-in and sell-through analytics.

Alloy is a developer of a demand-driven supply chain analytics platform designed to redefine how information flows across the supply chain. The company's platform provides visibility into product and supply chain performance, automatically collects and cleans supply and demand data, and gathers it in one cloud-based storage system. This is intended to allow users to analyze sales and inventory data at macro and micro levels down to individual store and SKU information and data. The information is then offered to help businesses develop insights into sales and growth factors and supply chain optimization solutions.

Alloy for Sales

Alloy for Sales is a point-of-sale and inventory analytics solution for consumer goods companies. The solutions work to identify sales opportunities and inventory risks in a retail network and yield insights to increase customer conversions and achieve sales goals. The platform is capable of offering this through granular data capture that maintains details to help users identify and, in turn, respond to areas of need.

Alloy for Supply Chain

Alloy for Supply Chain is a predictive software system for consumer good companies offering simulated value at risk across a supply chain network and, thereby, helping a company to anticipate, diagnose, and respond to issues. This is intended to help users automate predictions for weeks-of-supply at locations within a network and to know which issues quantify risks and identify the issues to focus on. Furthermore, through the predictive software, users can use it to map responses on the network to changes or decisions.

Alloy for Demand Planning

Alloy for Demand Planning is a point-of-sales-driven forecasting and planning solution for consumer goods companies. The software solution works to generate forecasts for consumer demand based on point-of-sales and shipment data. Further, the software works to use the data to optimize shipment plans based on business needs and demands.

Data platform

The Alloy Data Platform is built for data from across the consumer goods supply chain. This platform then works to break down silos separating data, systems, and teams into a unified architecture that integrates, harmonizes, and enriches data across a supply chain. The platform includes pre-built connectors using techniques such as RPA to ingest demand and supply data at granular levels. The platform is also built to be data-platform agnostic, including partner portals, EDI, spreadsheets, email forwarding, and APIs.

Furthermore, the data platform uses artificial intelligence to offer data modeling and a unified representation of a user's end-to-end supply chain. This can translate SKU identifiers, units of measurement, and other attributes across distribution partners and internal systems; map locations and location types, shipment lanes, node inventory targets, and lead times by SKU; and help users understand historical data, present data, and project future data through data analysis, including modeling fiscal calendars, granularities, and forecast versions.

Data sources

Alloy offers over 600 pre-built connectors in order to automatically extract data from a supply chain. This includes data from retailers, e-commerce stores, distributers, and 3PLs. The data is brought in regardless of format and is encrypted and stored for users, who can control what sources are connected and who has access to the data.

Alloy Analysis

Alloy Analysis contains a dashboard for users to help them make data-driven decisions and offer information and insights derived from the data so users do not have to sift through the data themselves. These databases allow users to set up alerts to help them stay top of data. The Alloy Analysis platform also offers users a simulation of metrics across a supply chain in order to identify and quantify risks to the supply chain, and what an interruption can mean in terms of lost sales.

Alloy Planning

Alloy's Planning application supports forecasting and planning processes across distribution channels. The application sits on top of the Alloy Data Platform, and the forecasting is based on a foundation of pre-ingested and harmonized data from a user's previous business and supply chain operations. The planning application allows users to develop forecast models and work on strategy for growing a business.

As well, the application allows users to plan at different levels of data granularity and have any changes automatically propagate across data points. Any new data can also be automatically integrated into the planning platform to show how changes can affect or change an overall demand plan. The Alloy Planning platform offers a selection of forecast models, as well as the opportunity to use internal or partner forecasts. The software includes versioning and revision history to give users visibility into changes and plan accuracy over time.


November 21, 2019
Alloy announces that Valvoline is implementing Alloy's enterprise supply chain solution.
October 15, 2019
Ferrero USA selects Alloy for digital supply chain management.
May 2018
Alloy raises a $12,000,000 series A round from 8VC and Menlo Ventures.
March 1, 2016
Alloy raises a $3,300,000 seed round from 8VC and Refactor Capital.

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