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AllianceBlock is a bridging Traditional and Decentralized Finance founded in 2018 by Rachid Ajaja, Matthijs de Vries and I.N. Amber Ghaddar.

In the DeFi Layer we offer cross-chain interoperability with AllianceBlock Bridge, as well as access to additional liquidity and volume with AllianceBlock LMaaS (Liquidity Mining as a Service) and AllianceBlock DEX.

Users will also have access to a peer-to-peer funding protocol with AllianceBlock Fundrs, as well as have a comprehensive dashboard of data analytics and information for use in DeFi strategizing with the AllianceBlock Terminal.

Data Layer

In the Data Layer, we help DeFi projects and traditional finance players to monetize and leverage the massive amounts of data they produce with the AllianceBlock Data Tunnel.

Users will also have access to a one-stop Enterprise-grade Data API that aggregates DeFi and traditional financial data aggregators into one API with the AllianceBlock DataQuasar*.

Regulatory and Compliance Layer

In the Regulatory and Compliance Layer, we enable DeFi projects, protocols and DEXes to introduce scalable compliance frameworks that help them grow with regulation and open doors to institutional players to participate in DeFi with the AllianceBlock TIDV* (Trustless IDentity Verification) and the AllianceBlock Cross-Border Regulatory Compliance Rules Engine.



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February 7, 2021

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