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Airhouse (company)

Airhouse (company)

Airhouse is a San Francisco-based software company developing an e-commerce operations solution for direct-to-consumer companies.

Airhouse is a provider of logistics services intended to simplify e-commerce operations. The company distributes products around the world, along with providing a simplified task engine platform to sort inventories, fine-tune complex orders, split orders, and send inventory to the warehouse.

Airhouse's platform serves as an interface between merchant, warehouse, and shipping companies, and integrates into Shopify to help those users. The company offers their platform to direct-to-consumer customers and targets new direct-to-consumer companies rather than established brands. Companies using the service as of 2020 included Revolution Robotics, Not Pot, and Caldo.


Airhouse's software evaluates store data to create a holistic view of the business and where its customers are. Airhouse then creates a custom technical configuration for each business, tailored to their needs and growth strategy. Through this integration, users are able to receive business relevant data, which includes orders, inventory, product details, and tracking reports in near real time. Through syncing shop and inventory, users can use Airhouse to manage and track inventory.

As new orders come in, the entire fulfillment process—from factory to front door—is managed by Airhouse. From a dashboard, brands have visibility on inventory, so they know what products are where and which are running low in real time. Users can also set different delivery speeds depending on the type of delivery, such as free, expedited, standard, or overnight. This includes automated international and domestic shipping processes.

Airhouse Task Engine

One of the software technologies in development for the Airhouse platform, Airhouse Task Engine, is intended to fine-tune complex inventory and shipping logic in order to prevent order errors. The Task Engine also experiments with one-click sales.


Pricing for Airhouse's platform is based on the user's use case, integrations, inventory and business needs and is offered as a flat price.


June 4, 2020
Shyp's founder, Kevin Gibbon, is back with a new kind of shipping startup, Airhouse, which aims to make shipping easier but also avoid missteps of Shyp.
April 1, 2020
Airhouse raises a $3,500,000 seed round from Abe Burns, Adam Nash, Dan Teran, James Beshara, Lachy Groom, Lee Linden and Soleio Cuervo.
July 1, 2018
Airhouse raises a $2,000,000 seed round from Gokul Rajaram, Lee Linden, Naval Ravikant, Neil Blumenthal, Neil Parikh, Niv Dror, Ryan Hoover, Soleio Cuervo and Village Global.

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September 21, 2020




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