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Advancecells is a biotechnology company developing regenerative medicine treatments using stem cells.

Advancells is a research-oriented company that focuses on providing authentic and quality primary cells that include stem cells for research studies, stem cell therapy, preclinical analysis, and vitro tools for clinical research.

The company aims to be a part of the developmental preclinical studies for improvising its protocols, pertaining to better isolation of stem cells with minimum manipulation of their genetic and epigenetic signatures.

Advancells has established a quality management system by following all guidelines to be compliant with GLP standards. All the SOPs related to the procedures, system, quality control, and quality assessments are in compliance with the GLP/GMP standards. All the raw materials purchased for the development of specific stem cells and other primary cells are of GLP/GMP standards and are well documented.

The company's mission is to harness the maximum potential of Regenerative Medicine, using the latest technologies and innovations for enhanced efficiency and product quality. The company aims to increase awareness about modern medicine, advance accessibility for better therapeutics, and establish a stringent quality control system to develop better healthcare.


Advancells was founded by Vipul jain.


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