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Yield Parrot

Yield Parrot

Yield Parrot is an aggregator & optimizer built on Binance Smart Chain.

At users can find opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem, with a vault offering fully optimized smart contracts. Some of minds in the industry worked together to develop some innovative and advanced compound strategies, that results in high profits for its users. While using smart financial strategies and optimizing gas costs, Yield Parrot achieves results to be among the most effective AMM on the Binance Smart Chain.

Efficiency and automation are two fundamental pillars of this platform. This project offers farms in the DeFi ecosystem, where you can enjoy and relax while Yield Parrot takes care of optimizing the yield and compounding processes to ensure you profits and safety.

$LORY is the native governance token of Yield Parrot. $LORY is used in a wide variety of activities within the ecosystem. And with specially designed smart contracts, holders can earn additional rewards.

$LORY holders able to vote and decide the path of the project, they also able to provide suggestions. On the other hand, LORI have a buyback and burn system where the holders benefit from the constant price rise. The team's plan is, that in addition to taking advantage of modern investment strategies, they take advantage of the constant performance and growth of $LORY.

LORY rewards distributed to Space Vaults: 0.09 LORY per block +10% reward to YieldParrot dev team to ensure the growth and sustainability of the protocol

Total: 2592 LORY per day.

The LORY token doesn’t have a max supply, however deflationary mechanisms are installed such as buy back, scheduled burns and more is coming to ensure the growth of the protocol but safeguarding the value to the community holders. The team aim in time to making deflation higher than emission by building these mechanism


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