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Wawa is a chain of convenience retail stores and gas stations.

Wawa is a privately-held chain of more than 850 convenience retail stores, with over 600 offering gasoline. Stores are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C. The stores offer fresh food, including proprietary brands such as built-to-order submarine sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, built-to-order beverages, and an assortment of soups, sides, and snacks. Wawa's revenue amounted to $13 billion in sales in the fiscal year ending December 30, 2019.


March 9, 2021
Wawa launches JOCKO GO nationwide ahead of schedule.


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April 28, 2021
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Uber customers can bundle food orders from restaurants and convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Wawa. Riders will be promoted to order groceries and meals while in transit.
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March 9, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Deciding to move ahead of the planned and phased roll-out, Wawa is launching popular JOCKO GO energy drinks full-chain. The energizing...
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Loyal customers debate the pros and cons of Wawa and Sheetz. But which one is better? We visited both to find out.


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