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WINkLinkThe First Comprehensive Oracleof TRON’s Ecosystem

WINkLink is the first comprehensive oracle built on the Tron blockchain. By tapping into data, events, payment systems, etc., from the real-world sources, including those of banks, weather, and the internet, it provides the blockchain with reliable data feeds for enabling smart contract execution.

WINkLink became the first comprehensive Tron oracle after the WINk team executed the acquisition of in April 2021.

WINkLink serves several functionalities, including:

WINkLink’s embedded price oracle system provides Defi app developers with reliable and stable price feeds.

The oracle also allows developers to utilize real-world data such as sports and weather to create customized oracles and connect smart contracts to the real world.

WINkLink’s smart contracts are faster, more stable, and secure. They can access any data easily, thus nurturing a trusted data ecosystem in various industries while providing better services to developers and users.

Users can participate in the WINkLink ecosystem either by deploying its smart contracts or by integrating its pricing feeds to solve various use cases, including financial derivatives, lending and asset management.

WIN Token: Fundamentals

WIN is a TRC-20 token running on the Tron network. It is the native utility token of the WINkLink system and are used to reward nodes that provide reliable data as well as for payment from developers who use the data.

Every WIN token holder has governance rights on the platform. The token has a circulating supply of over 961 billion and has a maximum supply of 999 billion. It is currently ranked at #154 on the cryptocurrency charts.



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