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Voxel X Network

Voxel X Network

Voxel X Network is a decentralized autonomous ecosystem that supports the gaming industry using blockchain technology. The ecosystem native token is $VXL and can be swapped using Ethereum ($ETH), and Cardano ($ADA) converter to minimize gas fees.Voxel X Network includes financial products such as the NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange (DEX)

Voxel X Network (VXL) is a decentralized autonomous protocol, and it plans to become a one-stop hub for creators, entrepreneurs, and investors to give them the tools they need to generate money and tell their stories.

How Does Voxel X Network (VXL) Work?

The Voxel X Network (VXL) allows projects to use crowdsourcing and raise funds to acquire high-tech consulting services to help them create and enhance their products, which they can then sell straight to customers.

The ecosystem of Voxel X Network aims to serve as a comprehensive mobile app gaming incubator, with an NFT marketplace and DEX, a proprietary NODE system, all of which will be run on high-speed blockchain technology.

To authenticate transactions on the network, the automated market maker (AMM) method that Voxel X DEX will deploy will demand liquidity. To gain rewards, the holders of VXL tokens will be required to lend their tokens to liquidity pools. Transaction fees are how liquidity providers generate money and investors can earn passive income by the interest offered by each liquidity pool based on the quantity of liquidity available and the number of transactions.

In an official interview, Tim Tanner the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Voxel X Network told CoinMarketCap:

"2022 will be a big year for Voxel X Network with the launch of its upcoming NFT SuperKluster Marketplace in Q1 2022, VoxDEX in Q2 2022, and VXL Node Network in Q4 2022, positioning Voxel X in becoming a potential GameFi & Metaverse Market Leader."

Unique Features of Voxel X Network (VXL)

Protection Through a Consistent Financial Governance Policy

To prevent early profit-taking, the creators of Voxel X devised a precise team and investor strategy. Profit-taking is allowed under Voxel X Network’s profit-taking policy, which incorporates discretionary linear vesting and a three-month to two-year time restriction on member divestment of shares after launch.

Voxel X 2.0

The Voxel X team is working on the v2.0 initiative, developing product scaling solutions and large-volume data storage capacity that is not cloud-based. A NODE network and sophisticated blockchain engines will be part of the system. Prior to its publication in 2022, a second whitepaper describing v2.0 will be released.

The NODE network will deliver a community-owned, cloud-free solution composed of thousands of community NODEs running on an automated high-speed, lightweight blockchain in the second phase of Voxel X Network.

VXL X NODEs provide high-speed connection and storage on dispersed networks, allowing for high-speed, high-volume gaming on devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones while remaining safe within the NODE network. Voxel X owners will be able to purchase a limited NODEs edition at a premium fee.

These NODEs, when incorporated with other DEXes, can verify network transactions, lowering gas prices and energy usage while avoiding "slashing" or penalties for NODE owners.

For data processing at network speed, the Voxel X Network development team is creating Intelligent Blockchain Engines that use automatic-scaling node communities. Self-monitoring, self-healing, ransomware-proofing, game-serving, authenticating, confirming, safeguarding, and preserving ownership of all material are all features of VXL X intelligent blockchain engines.

Marketing Wallet

The marketing wallet is sealed in a 4/8 multi-sig wallet and includes 3.5% of the circulation supply (17.5 million coins). The marketing team is in charge of planning, implementing, and reporting on marketing initiatives to the community. Voxel X will provide quarterly reports on the use and placement of marketing activities on its website and social media.

Governance Protocol VXL X DEX

VXL X DEX is a decentralized launchpad where all launched projects must pass the Voxel X auditing and compliance examination, which includes the following governance:

A business strategy to support the project's road map is required.

Contract auditing Bot barriers Solidity coding in the latest version lead team divestiture policy private sale to long-term investors and unique sales events for the Voxel X community multi-sig marketing approval final contract audit

Prior to debut, liquidity was controlled by a majority vote on a multi-signature wallet or moved to a dead wallet.

Roadmap Of Voxel X Network (VXL)

The Voxel X team plans to deploy the ERC-20 smart contract, IDO, SuperKluster NFT marketplace, and many other updates in Q1 2022. In Q3 2022, the team plans to launch the Voxel X DEX and a gaming launchpad. The Voxel X whitepaper will also be released in this phase. In Q4 of 2022, the Voxel team will work on Blockchain NODE solutions implementation and NODE pre-sale release.


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January 25, 2022

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