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Velocia is an open network for mobility using loyalty & user acquisition rewards to incentivize specific mobility choices and data sharing.

Velocia mobility-as-a-service network that allows mobility participants to reward and leverage direct connections with end uses and operators. Participants include automotive OEMs, public transit operators and planning agencies, taxi companies, mobility apps (ridesharing, vehicle-sharing, deliveries), and insurance companies.

Velocia introduces three essential innovations that leverage blockchain technology:

  1. Smart Mobility Channels (SMCs) - User-owned data leveraged across multiple mobility services. With users in control of their data, all mobility players on the network have a better, direct way to engage with users and be granted access to mobility-wide user data.
  2. Smart Mobility Bounties (SMBs) - Automated rewards that can be set by any participant on the network through an online dashboard. SMBs enable an open ecosystem by providing a tool to influence the mobility choices of both mobility users and operators.
  3. VELO token and wallet, required to reward mobility-specific actions and behaviors. They are used to create and access a shared user base, achieve VELO mobility status levels, reward collaboration across mobility apps, stake loyalty and user acquisition campaigns, and govern the ecosystem.​

The Velocia network's stated goals are to enable interoperability across all mobility verticals, drive healthier data practices, and reward better economic, societal, and environmental choices.



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