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University of Sassari

University of Sassari

University in sassari, italy

The University of Sassari (Italian: Università degli Studi di Sassari, UniSS) is a university located in Sassari, Italy. It was founded in 1562 and is organized in 13 departments.

The University of Sassari earned first place in the rankings for the best “medium- sized” Italian university, in 2009–2010, by the Censis Research Institute. while in 2012 tumbled down to the 6th position among the best Italian universities.

History and profile

The University of Sassari was founded by Alessio Fontana, member of Imperial Chancellery of Emperor Charles V and a distinguished gentleman in the town of Sassari in 1558. The official opening dates back to the month of May 1562. It was first run by the Jesuits.

Today, the University, which is of medium size, with a total number of over 18.000 students and about 700 teachers, comprises eleven faculties and over 40 departments, study centres and institutes. There are several specialist schools, research institutions, schools for special research and postgraduate schools.

Corporate relations

One of the oldest University in Italy, Sassari is now developing one of the modern network of corporate opportunities for it's students and recently collaborated internationally with TreeAndHumanKnot a giving first ideology of RisingIndia ThinkTank to have students of the university an international experience.


These are the 11 faculties in which the university is divided into:

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

According to the National Law 240/2010, the Departments substituted for the Faculties from January 2012.

There are 10 Departments at the University of Sassari:

Agraria (Agriculture)

Architettura, design e urbanistica (Architecture, Design and City Planning)

Chimica e farmacia (Chemistry and Pharmacy)

Giurisprudenza (Law)

Medicina veterinaria (Veterinary Medicine)

Scienze biomediche (Biomedical Sciences)

Scienze economiche e aziendali (Economic and Business Sciences)

Scienze mediche, chirurgiche e sperimentali (Medical, Surgical, Experimental Sciences)

Scienze umanistiche e sociali (Humanistic and Social Sciences)

Storia, scienze dell'uomo e della formazione (History, Human Sciences, Education)

Points of interest

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Sassari, the university's botanical garden

Notable alumnus

Adelasia Cocco - possibly the first female doctor in Italy



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