Uma Valeti

Uma Valeti

Uma Valeti is a cardiologist, the CEO and Co-Founder of Memphis Meats.

Dr. Uma Valeti is a cardiologist turned into an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of clean meat company Memphis Meats.

He grew up in Vijayawada, India. His father was a veterinarian and his mother was a Physics teacher. He pursued in the field of medicine. He went to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research and took medicine. He had his residency for internal medicine at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and University at Buffalo. Dr. Valeti earned fellowship in cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology at the Mayo School of Health Sciences. He is a cardiologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is affiliated with University of Minnesota Medical Center, West Bank Campus. He has more than 20 years of practice in cardiology.

Valeti, a carnivore many years of his life got disturbed by the food-borne illness that can be acquired by eating meat. The contamination in slaughterhouses grossed him out. "I loved eating meat, but I didn't like the way it was being produced", he says. "I thought, there has to be a better way." In 2005, during his practice in Interventional cardiology at Mayo Clinic, they had a study on repairing muscle tissue of the heart with stem cells. He realized that stem cells can be used to grow animal muscle tissue or meat as well.

In 2015, together with Nicholas Genovese and Will Clem, Uma Valeti founded Memphis Meats in San Francisco, California. Their company is harvesting meats in the laboratory. "I got into cardiology because I wanted to positively impact human health. I see my role at Memphis Meats as an extension of that mission – I get to play a larger role in improving our food system from a public health perspective." Memphis Meats has been producing clean beef, poultry and duck. It has developed its production, marketing and company as a whole to meet the demands for clean meat in different parts of the world.

At Memphis Meats, Uma Valeti and his team believe that their innovation will feed the people and it will have a less negative impact on the environment. They are producing clean meat in a controlled environment that is free from any disease, infection and contamination. The company has cut down the cost of production by eliminating raising, feeding and slaughtering animals. And most importantly, clean meat production does not contribute to the planet's greenhouse gas.




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