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Advanced Search is a Singapore-based conversational AI platform with cognitive IoT capabilities for communication between humans, IT systems, and machines.

Overview works to develop systems to make human-to-machine communications simple and as natural as human-to-human communications, offering a H2X multi-conversational AI platform. The company's UnificationEngine-powered API allows reseller partners to provide end customers with omnichannel and omnimodal text, voice, and video messaging. The company's partners include Facebook, Bosch, Signify, Intel, and FCS. provides API access to brands, including chat apps, smart speakers, robots, and video assists through integrations. These integrations include WhatsApp, Instagram, Google's Business Messages, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WeChat, and Misty Robotics. The company's SmartContact product, when used on a smartphone, allows the phone and the user to talk to any connected "thing" or service on multiple communications platforms, including email, SMS, smart speakers, and social media, messaging, and chat apps. And through the same technology, helps smart home and connected appliance manufacturers, real estate, and property technology companies add natural language voice and instant messaging capabilities to any device, on any channel, and in any language.

The company's API can be used to power autonomous communications for automating pre- and post-sales conversations for chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational interfaces. This includes the development of conversational IoT, intended to allow users to talk and text buildings, robots, cameras, sensors, and different IoT devices and systems regardless of manufacturer or ecosystem. These services are offered by either on-premise or as a service in the cloud. In both, works to ensure the systems are secure and intelligent for users.



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