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Tucson Embedded Systems

Tucson Embedded Systems

Tucson Embedded Systems is a Tucson, Arizona-based provider of products, services, and embedded systems for the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, energy, and consumer markets.


Tucson Embedded Systems (TES) is a provider of products, services, and embedded systems for various systems, including aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, energy, and consumer markets. The company offers mission and flight critical hardware and software systems, integrations, verification and validation services, training services, and research and development. TES works to help organizations solve mission and safety-critical system challenges with engineering, hardware, and software solutions. To do this, TES offers design, development, prototype, integration, test, and production services, solutions, methods and tools for those organizations.

TES was founded in 1997 by Sean Mulholland, Dennis Kenman, and Antonio Procopio, and is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.

Custom solutions

TES offers custom engineering solutions for embedded and enterprise solutions. The company suggests they have a wide range of capabilities for their solutions, including mission and safety-critical systems, software systems, and electronic hardware challenges. The company specializes in enterprise and embedded hardware and software, with support for accelerated integration, automated testing, and TES is capable of meeting the FAA and Department of Defense standards. Engineering services include systems, software, electronic hardware, verification and validation, prototyping, production, environmental testing, and automated test equipment.

The company has, with their custom solutions, provided solutions for the aerospace industry, defense industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, automotive industry, industrial Internet of Things, and medical industry.

Engineering services

As part of TES's custom solutions, the company offers a range of engineering services capable of developing solutions for mission and safety critical systems. The company offers services and assistance for organizations seeking help for a single step in a process, or for a full solution from concept to implementation.

Engineering services offered by TES


Automated test equipment

TES offers automated test equipment, which the company suggests it has been development since 1997. The benefits of automated test equipment can include reducing or eliminating inconsistencies and potential human error, repeatability, reduced training, reduced cost, and reduced schedule.

Electronic hardware and firmware development

TES provides electronic hardware and firmware development services from concept to product. The company uses the FAA's recommended guideline RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware. This allows organizations to employ TES to develop safety-critical electronic hardware and firmware development, and can support customers from PHAC and HAS.

Environmental testing

TES provides DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 environmental qualification testing. This includes analysis, planning, test procedures, test execution, and reports for numerous avionic LRUs for commercial and defense systems. TES suggests the company's expertise includes developing custom test jigs, and automated test equipment.

Software development

TES is capable of developing flight critical and safety-critical Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) recommended guideline RTCA DO-178B/DO-178C, as well as other software for the development, testing, and certifying of hardware and software for aviation industry. THe company has developed other software applications such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), scientific community, medical industry, manufacturing, the Department of Defense, oil and gas, mining, and automotive industry. This includes software development and verification per DO-178C, software tool qualification per DO-330, model-based development per DO-331, object-oriented technology per DO-332, and cyber-security support per DO-326A.

Systems engineering

The company offers holistic software and hardware systems, engineered for a specific challenge offered by an organization, and including the defining, developing, verifying, testing, and validating that the whole system meets the necessary and intended functions and meets rigorous standards. The company uses the SAE's ARP4754A, Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems, and Model-Based Modular Open Systems Approach (MMOSA).

Products and technologies
Automated test equipment

TES offers various automated test equipment and systems for testing early in the lifecycle of a system, allowing for the design and development to stay on timeline while also working to ensure verification of the unit under test. This equipment works to eliminate human error and inconsistencies in testing. This is achieved through multiple tests for both commercial off-the-shelf and custom parameters.

The company's products and technologies of automated test equipment include automated test stations, which offer testing solutions for development lab environments, formal qualification tests, acceptance test procedures, manufacturing product line testing, and field support. TES utilizes systems simulation technologies, which include an operational flight program test simulator and an operational flight program simulator for emergency oxygen control systems for host-based testing. And TES offers a hardware open system technologies (HOST) Harmony, a conformance test station for NAVAIR's HOST standard.

Enterprise system development

Enterprise systems development includes, according to TES, development solutions to improve an organization's agency-wide automated systems and business application software responsible for integrating hardware, software, and communication technologies. The company's in-house solution includes the Engineering Services ERP tool: Project Track - SFPT. This software is developed to help users automatically manage and track contract management, human resource tracking and profiles, time tracking and payroll, project management, risk mitigation plans, earned value, and project status.

Modeling and simulation

TES has developed modeling and simulation systems as part of the future airborne capability environment (FACE) consortium, and supports customers on FACE-compliant model-based systems engineering (MBSE) through their proprietary software engineering technology. These modeling and simulation products and technologies have been used by the U.S. army to improve their turbine engine program.

Sense and control

TES provides technologies to help organizations smooth the transition from concept to implementation for embedded and enterprise sense and control needs. These technologies and tools include Capability Industrial Digital Engine Controller (iDEC), which is a multi-fuel industrial digital engine controller to use natural gas as fuel to generate electricity and hydraulic power. CruzFrac, which is software that allows users to control high horsepower turbine-driven centrifugal pumps in hydraulic fracturing operations. And Site Advise, which allows for real-time GPS-enabled asset location tracking.

Rapid integration

For rapid software integration, TES offers a tell set and architecture allowing users to integrate systems with minimal changes to existing applications, with support for old and new technologies, different operating systems, and messaging capabilities. These include TESseract, a TES, CES, and FlightWire partnership which offers a scalable solution for rugged, flight-capable UAS computers hosting FACE architectures. And Capability Driven Architecture (CDA) which helps users with a complex problem-integrating various devices onto multiple different aircraft hardware and software architectures.


January 26, 2022
Tucson Embedded Systems increases internal prototyping capabilities and turnaround times by adding two new CNC machines.
August 26, 2021
TES-SAVi sponsors the U.S. Army FACE and SOSA Technical Interchange Meeting.
April 17, 2020
Tucson Embedded Systems delivers software for test and monitoring of embedded controller through a Python application to monitor, chart, download, and control aspects of a test cell.
March 11, 2020
Tucson deploys new electronics and hardware for field testing.



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