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Synergy Life Science Partners

Synergy Life Science Partners

A venture capital firm from California financing private and early-stage medical device companies or startup medical companies focusing on medical devices with therapeutic components

Synergy Life Sciences partners aims to fund medical device companies and early-stage medical device with therapeutic components such as biologics and drugs. By adopting a synergistic strategy with business visionaries to build important organizations, Synergy does capital designation with their specialized, clinical and operational mastery.

Synergy centers around young companies in the medical field. This company looks for organizations with expert individuals in their own field and those with engaging, capital-productive, clinically-determined and feasible plans.

Synergy will put part of its assets in Synecor-originated opportunities. Synecor is an exceptionally effective medical incubatee established in 2000 by Richard Stack and Bill Starling, two of Synergy's Managing Directors.


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