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Syndr Protocol

Syndr Protocol

Trade Options, Perpetuals and Power Perpetuals with high capital efficiency & low fees

Syndr is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient and omnichain synthetic assets with sustainable liquidity. Synthetic assets are tokenized derivatives engineered to simulate the price of another asset.

• Stablecoin collateral - Borrow omnichain synthetic assets against USD stablecoins

• Capital Efficiency - Borrow synthetics with an effective MCR of 92% & native system MCR of 110%.

• Omnichain - Natively bridgeable b/w all chains

• Multi-Collateral support - FRAX, DAI, LUSD, aDAI, cDAI, etc. (Pool your assets together)

• Sustainable liquidity - Syndr implements new novel antifragile mechanisms to ensure sustainable liquidity using a combination of liquidity aggregation, liquidity ownership and liquidity direction.

We are currently a small team and backed by some of the best names in the DeFi including the founders of 1inch, StakeDAO, Persistance.One, Biconomy, EPNS, Movr network, Gnosis, ClayStack, CapX and more.



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Announcing our Angel round - Syndr - Medium

Vyom Sharma


January 20, 2022

crispy-octo-enigma/Syndr_Protocol_Whitepaper_v0.4.pdf at main · 0xSyndr/crispy-octo-enigma


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