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Advanced Search is a French B2B software vendor. is a Grenoble, France based B2B software vendor founded by Eric Horesnyi.

Technology provides a Proxy as a Service for any HTTP API by polling and acting as a streaming API. It is the first-level client-side operation that provides streaming capabilities without any coding requested at server level.

Launched in April 2015, The first version of converts any JSON RESTful API into an incremental data stream based on JSONPatch and Server Sent Events (also known as EventSource) standards.

When a client connects to an API through servers, will start polling the sourced API. The first piece of data sent to a client is a copy of the sourced API answer. Thereafter, will send the client only diff calculated at server level.


Previously known under the brand name Motwin, is a France-based company with offices in Meylan and in Paris. claims to count amongst its customers several clients such as BNP Paribas, AXA, La Poste, Betclic, La Société Générale, Schneider Electric, and Custom Sensors & Technologies Inc. (CST) for their streaming-based products. In July 2015, and Restlet signed a partnership to provide Streaming APIs to their customers.



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