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StatusToday is an artificial Intelligence company for Employee Behavioral Analytics founded in 2015 by Ankur Modi.

StatusToday is an Artificial Intelligence company that specializes in providing employee behavioral analytics to promote employee wellbeing and positive experience in a work environment. StatusToday allows large scale companies to employ a data-driven approach to build customizable insights, and benchmark performance to increase employee wellbeing and productivity. The company’s machine learning technology analyzes activity such as work emails, team collaboration, and communication insights to reduce employee burnout.

The company considers data-driven approach more effective in combating overwork compared to traditional employee management strategies. Research has shown that traditional management strategies have a less considerable effect on happiness in employees, especially in a remote work environment.


StatusToday offers 1-click integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google Suite to begin gathering employee insights. Companies may use their company email to sign up, requiring more steps for integration. The system collects meta-data across applications and the cloud to process it through its deep learning algorithms for behavior mapping. The insights gathered are meant to serve both managers and employees. It helps managers understand their employees, their work style, strengths, and weakness to better coordinate tasks. For employees, it provides an overview of their time and productivity.

Machine learning uses activities from employees to calculate their most productive time and avoid disturbances outside of work duration. Artificial intelligence analyzes communications and engagements patterns between employees to create insights on group productivity which managers can use to group employees based on their skills and similarities. Managers can view insights based on role, team, or geography on StatusToday’s web-based interactive dashboard.

StatusToday offers subscription based service packages based on number of employees and has a free tier with limited functionality for small companies with less than 50 employees.


StatusToday was founded in 2015, in London, by Ankur Mode and Mircea Danila Dumitrescu and is privately owned.


February 2018
StatusToday raises a $3,900,000 seed round from Entrepreneur First, Firstminute Capital, Force Over Mass Capital, LocalGlobe and Notion Capital.
January 2017
StatusToday raises a $6,000 grant from NCSC Cyber Accelerator.

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