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Statice is a data privacy company developing procedures for professional data analysis using privacy-preserving technologies.

The founders of the Statice organization Sebastian Weyer, Mikhail Dyakov and Omar Ali Fdal have developed the best ways to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses. In 2018, a team of professionals created reliable tools to ensure privacy, support the latest digital alternatives and strategies for corporate information systems. Starting with investments from PwC to support its project in 2019, the growing team already has more than 20 clients worldwide.

Team tasks

The goal of the co-founders of Statice is to help organizations protect privacy, return data flexibility to companies. We help businesses stay with the protected data generated by Statice, making them GDPR compliant.

A team of privacy professionals, programmers and developers are guided by the following principles:

  • Extracting information from business intelligence data will be essential for effective anonymization.
  • Companies need new tools to extract profit from data processing and reduce privacy risks.
  • Using unblocked sources will lead to new industry knowledge.

Anonymous data can be used for product development, obtaining customer information, and joint research. By anonymizing data protection directly, you guarantee your clients confidentiality, fast and flexible information analysis!


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