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Splat Global LLC (until 2018 - Splat-Cosmetics LLC; also SPLAT Global) is a private manufacturing and trading company of oral hygiene products, eco-friendly home care products, and natural cosmetics.

The SPLAT Global portfolio includes oral care brands for adults and children - SPLAT®, INNOVA®, Biomed®, BioMio® eco-friendly cleaning products and BIONYTI® line of natural hair cosmetics.

The name of the company comes from the algae Spirulina platensis (initially, biologically active supplements and cosmetics with an extract of this algae were produced under the trademark.



bal portfolio includes brands in the category of oral care for adults and children - SPLAT®, INNOVA®, Biomed®, brands of natural cleaning products BioMio® and a line of natural hair cosmetics - BIONYTI®.

Production facilities: own or contract sites owned in different countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia. The production process uses quality ingredients from the best manufacturers from Europe and other countries of the world, including Japan, India and New Zealand.

Own eco-factory "Organic Pharmaceuticals" is located in the city of Okulovka, Novgorod region.

The factory separately collects and recycles more than 90% of production waste and regularly improves the wastewater treatment system. "Organic Pharmaceuticals" has ISO 14001, ISO 9001, GMP Cosmetics, OHSAS 18001 certificates, which means that the factory's management system complies with the significant quality of the living environment, as well as the management of labor protection and industrial safety.

To date, SPLAT Global brand products are represented in 72 countries around the world.


2000 - Creation of the company "Splat-Cosmetics" on the basis of the production and trading company "Conversion.

2001 - Evgeny Demin headed the Splat-Cosmetics company , the start of production of products under the SPLAT brand .

In the early years, "Splata-Cosmetics" was observed, mainly selling other people's products, it was a "classic distribution company. In an interview with Republic magazine, Evgeny Demin, CEO of the company, recalled:

In 2001, we had a little over a million rubles. We bought the brand at the beginning of 2002 and until 2004 we were still engaged in simply selling someone else's, working with a large assortment of health products. This made it possible to earn on turnover, but then led to difficulties. We significantly digressed from the idea of ​​production, because the whole team was engaged in generating turnover. However, wages were very low. ... And I decided that we would stop doing this altogether. There was a very difficult period, revenue fell by 90%, because we actually burned bridges.We decided that now we will deal only with our brand and our products, and either we will break through or we will not break through. Such concentration, of course, drove us into a severe crisis, and we have been in it for probably a year and a half.

2004 - "Splat-Cosmetics" opens the production of toothpastes on a rented site in the village of Luchinskoye, Istra district, Moscow region.

2006 - Jointly released a series of pastes Splat Special.

2008 - Children's foam for cleaning the teeth "Magic Foam" was released.

2009 - Launched: SPLAT Professional DentalFloss series, Oral Care Foam 2 in 1 soft-tasting adult cleansing foam for teeth, Blackwood innovative black toothpaste with charcoal in the composition. At the end of 2009, the company bought the Valdai Springs bottled water plant in the Okulovsky municipal district of the Novgorod Region from Wimm-Bill-Dann in order to convert it to the production of toothpaste

2010 — Professional series toothpastes were redesigned, production was opened in Okulovka, at the end of the year the company became the No. 3 player in the Russian toothpaste market.

2011 - Entering the international market, in particular, the Chinese market.

2012 - The appearance of a line of natural children's cosmetics Lallum Baby. It also received the status of "environmentally infectious production".

2014 - Launch of a line of ecological household products for washing, washing, cleaning under the BioMio brand .

2016 - Entering the Indian market.

2018 — Renaming to Splat Global LLC

Product promotion

The company fundamentally does not place advertisements, preferring direct contact with customers. According to Nielsen, as of October 2021, SPLAT Global ranks second in the Toothpaste category in turnover (MAT) in Russia with a market share of 18.9%. Evgeny Demin, CEO of the company, writes letters to customers, puts them in SPLAT toothpaste packages and personally answers those who write back to him.


Splat was founded.


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