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SpaceDawgs is a utility meme token with the primary goal to get more people to invest in cryptocurrency.


SpaceDawgs is a utility meme token with the primary goal to get more people to invest in cryptocurrency. The initial digital asset is designed to serve, as a utility coin, as a store of value and exchange medium. The SpaceDawgs token is based on the Ethereum network ERC-20 and serves as the bedrock of the SpaceDawgs technology ecosystem. This includes the development of a SpaceDawgs application, with DawgsWallet and SpaceCards, to offer users soft and hard wallet solutions.

SpaceDawgs is working to develop hot and cold storage capabilities for a variety of digital assets, including NFTs, enabling seeding of up to 600 different digital assets. This is to help users avoid frictions in the fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges and avoid the high gas fees in the cryptocurrency market.

DAWGS token

The DAWGS token is a fixed-cap ERC-20 utility memecoin that has been bridged to BEP-20 and is the currency of the SpaceDawgs ecosystem. The coin has a total supply of 980 billion coins, with tokenomics suited to support the company's mission of creating a multi-chain accessible wallet. Holding DAWGS offers users privileges in the SpaceDawgs ecosystem and offers new possibilities, including automatic rewards and voting power, exclusive drops, and new functionality within the SpaceDawgs application.

Some of the benefits and rewards of holding DAWGS token include early or exclusive access to the SpaceCard mobile cold wallet, access to select SpaceDawgs NFT offerings, access to SpaceDawgs merchandise and giveaways, and access to brand partnership benefits and rewards.


DawgsWallet is an app-based wallet that connects and works with the SpaceCard cold wallet to offer a mobile-accessible cold wallet. A user's private keys are stored and protected on the card chip's firmware, and the card and app are paired to allow users to access their cryptocurrency to buy, sell, or more when the card is near the phone. The wallet is a multi-chain wallet supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and all derivatives, with SpaceDawgs working to add more every month. The card is replaceable if lost, while the mobile application is offered on iOS and Android, pairing with the card through RFID.

The DawgsWallet uses MatterCodes to protect the identity of a user's public address and allows users to send other users a code or name, rather than keys, to transfer cryptocurrency or for transactions. As well, the DawgsWallet allows users to use a configurable pin length, choosing between a 4- or 6-digit pin for the security of a user's assets. And users can user face or finger biometric security in place of a pin for the security of their assets.


The SpaceCard is a secured, branded, credit-card-like device linked to the DawgsWallet, capable of transacting any wallet asset via a card tap and controlled through the wallet owner's mobile phone. The card operates as a physical, air-gapped, and cold-storage option, removing some of the frictions that exist with other cold wallets that make them less mobile or accessible for users. Further, the cold wallet is a battery-free, plug-free NFC powered solution, which requires a potential hacker to need a user's pin and SpaceCard to make a transaction. The NFC-capable card allows users to utilize assets from their cold storage by tapping with their phone and transferring those assets to their DawgsWallet, which is more of a hot storage option for easy transactions.


The mission of the SpaceDawgs DAO is to spearhead the development of DeFi offerings to SpaceDawgs users, harness input and feedback from users, and provide operational support to the SpaceDawgs charity. Around 0.5 percent of every DAWGS transfer is distributed to the SpaceDawgs DAO wallet. Half of all DAO fees are provided as a key project milestone redistributions to all holders, with the timing to distribute fees to holders initiated through voting by all DAWGS holders through the SpaceDawgs wallet.

Dawgs Metaverse

SpaceDawgs is further developing a Metaverse, which combines charted NFT assets, action-triggered incentives, and a community-powered storyline intended to grow as users explore an evolving galactic star chart. The NFTs users collect are intended to grant those holders with exclusive perks and benefits unlocked by the community. These NFTs are meant to be more than collectibles and offer users a chance to customize the DawgsWallet and the SpaceCard.


January 18, 2022
SpaceDawgs and The High Monks announce a strategic NFT partnership for wallet security & artistic creation.
November 24, 2021
SpaceDawgs partners with Netvrk for private, on-chain self-custody, and Metaverse development.
November 17, 2021
SpaceDawgs partners with UGA Football Live to promote "GO DAWGS!" Battlecry for the NCAA National Football Championship Run.
November 12, 2021
SpaceDawgs partners with SuperDoge to provide private on-chain self-custody.
November 8, 2021
DeFi favorite SpaceDawgs lists on CoinMarketCap.


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