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Sonitus Technologies

Sonitus Technologies

A technology company with a sensory interface platform which allows users to speak and hear clearly in extreme noise, wind, under mask and under water. It was founded in 2010 and is located in San Mateo, California.


Sonitus Technologies is a California-based communications company that develops products that work as communication devices, similar to that of a radio or telephone. Its products are used in industries such as military, intelligence, first-responder, and sports.


The company has a platform and devices that are used concurrently. The platform is known as the Sonitus Sensory Interface Platform and it is an intra-oral platform that provides wireless communications and physiological monitoring. It monitors biometrics, such as heart rate and temperature, coming in from the company's devices that are worn by people.

There are several pieces of hardware that have been developed by the company and work with the platform. The two-way communication mouthpiece, known as the Molar Mic, attaches to the user's back molars. It contains a bone conduction speaker, an embedded waterproof microphone, and a wirelessly rechargeable battery. The bone conduction speaker is so that the user can hear incoming communications and the microphone allows for outgoing communications.


October 10, 2020
Pentagon field tests the products from Sonitus Technologies.
September 2018
Sonitus Technologies Wins Multi-Million Dollar DOD Award for ‘Molar Mic’ Personal Communication System
January 2017
Sonitus Technologies raises a $5,000,000 venture round.
March 21, 2016
Sonitus Technologies raises a $6,773,293 venture round.
Sonitus Technologies is founded.

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