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Seekahost Ltd

Seekahost Ltd

SeekaHost is a web hosting and internet domain registrar based in London, United Kingdom. Apart from private and business web hosting, it offers VPS, PBN, WordPress and Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Minecraft Server Hosting. It has developed a unique control panel called SeekaPanel and an eLearning platform named SeekaHost University.

Founded in 2018 by SeekaHost CEO Fernando Raymond the company offers multiple A, B, C class IP hosting with international server locations. Along with hosting and registration services SeekaHost also provides web solutions and services partly in conjunction with sister company ClickDo Ltd. such as:

  • Server Management,
  • WordPress Website Management with different control panels,
  • WordPress Malware Clearance Support, Security and Backup Configurations & Management,
  • Support and Tutorials for Website Design,
  • an eLearning Platform called SeekaHost University for website creation, management and monetization, SEO and digital marketing,
  • Guidance on Expired Domain Buying, Management and Utilization for Private Blog Networks or Virtual Real Estate Portfolios,
  • Game Server Hosting and tutorials for Minecraft Gaming and Minecraft Server Management & Optimization,
  • Email hosting,
  • Website design and development as well as digital marketing services together with sister company ClickDo Ltd.,
  • SSL and security services, and
  • a unique web hosting control panel.

Since 2019 Fernando has invested in creating a web hosting control panel called "SeekaPanel" to help people start a website or blog.

SeekaPanel was launched in late 2020 and offers WordPress and instant blog set up with one-click installers, free SSL Certificate, and free website migration support. It allows updates to hosting plans, backups of websites, customer support, and tutorials with one click inside the panel. SeekaHost has customer services departments in the UK, India and Sri Lanka.


January 30, 2020
The company introduces Minecraft server hosting for Minecraft players via a separate domain: It also launches to provide a web solution to easily register domains and buy multiple IP addresses hosting for WordPress blogs and websites.
January 1, 2019
The company introduces London Server Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting for business owners and web developers. It also launches its eLearning platform SeekaHost University to provide free courses about SEO, WordPress, blogging and digital marketing for website owners
July 30, 2018
Seekahost Ltd was founded.
January 1, 2016
SeekaHost mainly offers SEO hosting with multiple IP addresses for bloggers and business owners for their search engine optimization-focused websites.
January 30, 2015
The SeekaHost domain was initially registered by Fernando Raymond in 2015 and owned by ClickDo Ltd.



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