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Rx3 Ventures

Rx3 Ventures

Rx3 Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Orange County that's focused on consumer investments.

Rx3 Ventures is a venture capital investment fund that is based in Newport Beach, California. The firm prefers to invest in the consumer products and services sectors. Rx3 Ventures is committed to partnering with top brands to maximize growth by leveraging its network of consumer funds, influencers and brands. Their sector focus includes lifestyle products, food and beverage, sports and media and entertainment.

Rx3 Ventures was founded in 2019 by NFL quarterback and social media influencer Aaron Rodgers in partnership with Nate Raabe and Byron Roth, from ROTH Capital Partners. Part of Rx3 Ventures founding goal was to use their supporting social media influencers to provide social media marketing to their portfolio companies.


June 7, 2019
Rx3 Ventures announces a $50 million debut fund focused on the consumer market.

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