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Rusagro Group is Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural holding company. It is currently the market leader in sugar, pork, crop, oil and fats production.

The Rusagro Group of Companies is an eastern vertical agricultural holding in Russia. Rusagro holds positions in sugar production, pig breeding, crop production and oil and fat business. The Group's land bank is 637 thousand hectares. In 2015, according to a number of investment banks, the Rusagro Group of Companies was recognized as one of the most profitable and fastest growing companies in the world in the consumer segment in the CIS. Shares are traded free of charge on the London and Moscow stock exchanges.

The main assets of the Rusagro Group of Companies are located in the Belgorod, Tambov, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Saratov, Voronezh, Kursk and Oryol regions, as well as in the Primorsky Territory, which ensures regional business diversification. The headquarters of the holding is located in Tambov. A separate subdivision of Rusagro Group of Companies is located in Moscow.


February 2003
Rusagro was founded by Vadim Moshkovich.
Rusagro Group of Companies LLC was founded in 2003.


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