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Relictum Pro - Blockchain 5.0

Relictum Pro - Blockchain 5.0

Relictum PRO is a global blockchain service.


Relictum Pro is a blockchain platform capable of both private and public access for government, commercial and private enterprises. Relictum Pro is a distributed registry with a smart contract system that describes (formalizes) any event in a person’s life, from the sale and purchase of goods and services, accounting for logistics events, to copyright tracking and interaction with legal entities, and includes a number of self-executing transactions (smart contracts) in any field of activity.

Key Features:

Smart contracts are used to formalize any kind of activity where an event occurs.

A smart contract independently monitors whether certain conditions of the contract have been fully fulfilled. At the same time, thanks to the Relictum Pro system itself, the code is absolutely protected from any third-party interference. That is, no attacker will be able to change the source code of a smart contract concluded between two (or more) nodes.

This is the ability to conduct operations with different types and types of smart contracts.

The ability to generate new smart contracts with new type properties or property types.

In the system, a smart contract can be concluded simultaneously between 10 counterparties.

The weight (size) of one block in Relictum Pro is about 120 bytes, which is 8000 times less than a Bitcoin block.


Consensus Proof of Tsar

They have developed a consensus algorithm for a decentralized network between nodes, which includes the introduction of innovations in the blockchain architecture, inter-network relations and data signature algorithms. The work of the PoT consensus is organized on its own communication technology - HyperNet, the main feature of which is independence from the type of communication.

Coins in the Relictum PRO network

Genesis tokens are tokens expressing the property right to the intellectual property (IP) of the Relictum Pro program code of the network, issued in the amount of 10,000,000,000 GTN and distributed during the corresponding STO rounds among early investors who believe in the mathematically sound concept of Relictum Pro.

Genesis tokens (GTN) are a kind of network shares - 10 billion tokens were issued in total - they are distributed in percentage terms - 50% are intended specifically for early investors. There are also tokens that will be transferred as part of advertising campaigns to users who, by participating, will benefit the project, 2% will be allocated for this, 7% will be spent on marketing, 3% on experts. The remaining 38% will be distributed among the project team - management, programmers, managers, etc. Yield to GTN Holders. Genesis tokens give the right to receive royalties for the use of intellectual property (IP) of the Relictum Pro program code, in the amount of 2% of the USDR issue size. Royalties are paid out to GTN holders twice a month (every 1st and 15th).

Relictum Pro is currently running a Token Sale. GTN tokens are not listed on the exchange yet.

Prior to listing, Genesis tokens can be purchased through the Relictum StartUp Laboratory Venture Fund .

Relictum Lab - Tokens can be bought from the company itself, before they go public.

Relictum Pro Products:

Relictum Storage

Relictum DEX

Relictum Chat

Relictum Wallet

Relictum Tokens

Relictum NFTs

Relictum Pay

Relictum Games

Relictum Node


April 2021
Relictum Pro participates in Blockchain life 2021

Participation in the VI International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining as a partner and sponsor

April 2021
Relictum Finance is launched.

Launch of a digital cryptocurrency bank, a stable USDR token and the ability to buy, exchange and sell for USDT

May 2020
Zero Stage is launched.

Deployment of the first 7 white nodes that laid the foundation for the Relictum Pro main network with the creation of Genesis Block, Account, RLC and GTN.

Relictum Pro - Blockchain 5.0 was founded.


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June 9, 2021


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