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Rahul Vohra

Rahul Vohra

A computer scientist and entrepreneur who founded Superhuman and Rapportive.

Rahul Vohra is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who designs and invests in technology to improve email and software. His most successful companies to date are Superhuman and Rapportive.

Background and Education

Vohra's hometown is Birmingham, United Kingdom. He studied at the University of Cambridge where he was the president of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs. He received his Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2005. he was the president of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs. In 2007, he co-founded Mojo in Cambridge and sold the technology to Cancer Research United Kingdom.

Companies and Investments

In 2010, Vohra was in San Francisco, California and founded Rapportive, a company with technology which shows users information about people who are emailing them. He sold the company to LinkedIn in 2015 for a reported £15 million.His next company was founded in October 2014 and is known as "Superhuman". The company has designed and created an email inbox that streamlines online communication efforts.

Vohra has invested in companies such as Partender, Sendwithus, and EasyPost.




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